The thing I don't get about Kenyan online sellers

Okay, we all know the internet is crawling with scammers. Lets rule them out for a second. Lets say you’re a genuine person who sells items online. It could be clothes, electronics, artificial hair, sex toys…whatever. You post in online groups looking for customers. Why the fuck would you use pictures of wazungu in your ads? Like, everyone today either has a smartphone or has easy access to one. How much time does it take to snap genuine photos of your product so that people see it’s the real shit? You post a dress of a celebrity in a tight bodycon dress, someone buys it, then you deliver something totally different you sewed fwaaaaa at the local tailor. This person then goes all over chochio media tarnishing your name. Hapo umesaidikaje? You’ve lost a return customer, and several potentials.

It’s like those barbers who have that poster of Ludacris among other American celebs. Surely, ukiambia hiyo ghaseer ikunyoe hizo style kimehang hapo, ataanguka ngu! Some things just sound like common sense, but bonobos ni kina nani? Mimi if you post a photo of something you’re selling, and it doesn’t have a “Kenyan setting”, sahau kabisa. Nataka kuona vitu kama ukuta ya creme, sign ya MPESA, dirisha iko na grill, gari iko na number plate ya Kenya…you know, Kenyan stuff. You could still be a conman, but at least you put some effort into making your hustle appear genuine.

Most successful online sellers post lots of photos of their product, from different angles. Even videos. And they’re very open about their prices, terms and conditions. Another disgusting tabia…jinga posts something on a public page, alafu when someone asks the price, the seller says “inbox”. Mimi nikufuate mpaka inbox ndio uniambie bei ya kitu unauza? Juu unanisaidia saaaaaana? Kwani nina masaa mengi aje ya kupoteza? Inbox ingiza mamako, ghaseer. Kenyans, you need to seriously up your game, tucker tucker nyinyi.

As you were.

Hio mchezo ya inbox ndo iko kwa wingi. Hata kwa whatsapp group someone asks for a price muuzaji anadai inbox. Kuna mmoja aliambiwa deal ikichoma yeyote ibaki inbox pia.

Most of these sellers Ni wale wako na kiosk mentality vile Bob collimore alisema. Just doing something or a business because umesikia iko na profit. So these meffi sellers will market online because wanasikia utapata more clients na they don’t know how to do it properly
Nimekubali hii Story ya seller kusema inbox na hauweki Bei Ni ufala
Hata kuweka downloaded photos Ni ufala. Weka the original photo. Kama Ni nguo mtu avae.
Hata hizi Somali restaurants zina weka downloaded photo ya food kwa ukuta na hata haziko kwa menu. Meffi hao


It’s crazy banaa :D:D:mad::mad:

This page is probably one of the most popular online businesses. Why? They use Kenyan models and post their prices on fb. I dont shop for women’s clothing but I admire their work ethic very much

No wonder it has over half a million followers/likes. The owner must be a millionaire.

Mahali hii upuzi imefika climax ni massage parlours. Picha za madem zinatolewa page 1 ya google images na utazipata zikitumika na parlour kaa zote.

Good post. I think shosho media is not beneficial to most of the foolish folk today while it should be. If one is not willing to display the price online anafanya nini kutangaza…?that right there should be a sign/red flag that kuna kitu anaficha. Either selling faulty stuff or hiding from the tax man.

Where systems work online biz is the thing. Out here that’s how we make the extra bucks … It is very possible to buy a car on facebook and sell it 2 days later. Everything inaanikwa live including any faults that may be present. Yaani unabuy commodity as it is …

Niaje nguruweee

The answer lies right there in the question you asked.

True alafu huko ndani you get weather-beaten old hags

:D:D this is another scam men are suffering silently…
picha imewekwa ya figure 8, ukifika hapo ni mama ako na a tiny ass na tubes kwa tumbo, anakaa like an inverted triangle, bu’shit

Sometimes it’s because vitu ni low quality (hata kama bei yake ina justify) or hawajui kupiga picha or poor camera that hadi muuzaji anaibika kuweka the real image:D:D:D

Poa sana chyeth

kama unataka mtu wa kukamua ama massage enda tu tinder ama tagged…you will get your money’s worth

Tinder is shit, craiglist is better, under the beauty section…just give an offer…utapata a list of women you can screw for some time

Saa wewe unaongea mob na wewe ni mwizi wa movie? Pirate seller of stolen movies.

Halafu upatiene lecture kuhusu conmen…

What is the difference between a person who makes money from the sweat of others and a con man?

No wonder watu wa kuuza movie hubaki hapo miaka yote. Kuna mwingine tao he’s been selling movies since 2005. Hajui netflix ilifika. Siku hizi I think ni peddler.