The Thankful Njaruo Syndrome. Don't be a thankful njaruo!! It is a bad disease.

[SIZE=5]I understand that you might be seating there eating your githeri wondering what is patriot @patco going on about???![/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]The Thankful Njaruo Syndrome is simply the undying appreciation that Njaruos show towards the Democratic Party of America for letting Barrack Obama Ojwang to sniff a few mzungu farts off the purple velvet seat in the white house. This guy Obama Barrack sniffed a few ancient farts off the old seat and now the whole Kavirondo community feel that they owe the DNC a great debt of gratitude! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Symptoms of this disease include :[/SIZE]

[li][SIZE=5]Refusing to shower because Obama is speaking on TV,[/SIZE][/li][li][SIZE=5]Refusing to shower because Obama is visiting Kenya for one month and the Kavirondo cannot shower and miss out on a single festivity,[/SIZE][/li][li][SIZE=5]Reffering to the thief Biden as Kassin Biden or Semeji Mweupe,[/SIZE][/li][li][SIZE=5]Spending many hours discussing Michael Obama’s manly shoulders and calf muscles,[/SIZE][/li][li][SIZE=5]Supporting DNC controversial policies e.g abo.rtion and same sex marriage wholeheartedly even if these are un-njaruo and un-African cultures etc etc.[/SIZE][/li][/ul]

[SIZE=5]When Obama or Biden appears on the TV screen you will see a njaruo like @Tom Bayeye or @Mangele immediately change his composure… if he was eating fish he will stop.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]This njaruo specimen will stare tenderly at the TV screen ignoring all other sounds, his thick jaws will relax as a warm smile forms across his thick pink lips… a cool breeze will blow across the toothless lower gum as he shouts loudly and happily, “Nyamaseni kassin aongee! Kassin akiongea lasima asikiswe! Silence in this house or face dire unprecedented repercusons of diabolical magnitude and impact, chieth Matek!!!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]This Sibuor @Tom Bayeye son of Onyango will stare unblinkingly at the TV screen as Obama speaks while he shouts back, “Yes Kassin… anything you say Kassin… yes baba… finis them Kassin , finis them completely baba!!!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]And when Obama is done speaking the sibuor @Tom Bayeye son of Onyango fundi wa mbao will fall back into the recliner thoroughly spent as he ponders Obama’s great diction and mastery of the queen’s language.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“Huyo kijana tamalisa mimi na osungu kali kali!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In short this type of sychophancy is unnecessary and unproductive to the discourses we have here on[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]There is no known cure for The Thankful Njaruo Syndrome or the Appreciate Kavirondo Disorder.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]CC : I.T expert @Sambamba Gacheri son of Miriam Gacheri. MGTOW. [/SIZE]

Tombwa utulie patricia

Your obsession with Luos is unhealthy man. How you wish you were born a Luo, but thankfully the stars never aligned for you.

Njaruos can you please calm down, no need for stone throwing and shouting matches.

The DNC does not owe you a thing. Infact FYI Obama is half white and his real biological father remains debatable so you could in fact be cheering a Nigerian or a Cameroonian. My two cents.

[SIZE=5]Najua mjaluo @Tom Bayeye ashasoma hii thread na saa hii ako hapo Gachie akitayarisha greens akifikiria ile matusi ataingia nayo mtaa…


Kisha aombee ugali…


Kisha ateremshe ugali kwa duodenum…


Kisha aoge na aelekee Cyber kupeleka majibizano…



Funniest sheet umeandika in a long time bila faggotry inuendos. Hii nikivunja mbavu. Huyo dere hata bila kuambiwo anakaa tu mimi. Thank you kassin!!!


Replace the words “Luo” with “single mothers” or just “women” and you can repeat the same statement for ktalkers in general.

Who hurt you people?

Your mother

Lazima ukue singo matha… Onyesha watoto baba yao wawache kuwa tounted in school

Niaje my dear?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dboss si uko na ufala…ati wind blowing through toothless lower jaw…