The Tables Always Turn in the Favor of Men

I’m on this site several times a day, and I read some horrendous horror stories. The majority of them involve men in between their early 20’s to mid 30’s who understandably have their heads turned by women. I know it curls my hair too. But, I quite understand. Young women are like candy and evolutionarily built that way to attract as many mates as possible. And Yeah, when women are in their late teens and early 20’s they have it and can lord it over us guys. They learn very early on how to wrap us around their little fingers. But eventually the tables turn. It first levels out, and then it tips in our favour.

Unfortunately most men have to go through the learning curve. Few of us are born MGTOW and it takes longer for some than others. The time though is not wasted. You may go through that “between” period while the table starts to level out. Those women who managed to rope a guy into marriage and burden him with a family start falling behind the eight ball. They start losing their looks, their figure, and their ability to get a job. They try to get back the power they had in their late teens-early 20’s. And that’s when they start cheating. They start looking around for compliments – “you’re still really good looking”, or “you’ve still got loads of sex appeal”. They look at their old man as a piece of shit and drop their drawers for what they think is a new start. But eventually they find out it’s just a con, sometimes too late, that they realize they are just another cumdumpster pusy on the side. ( Most married and divorced/seperated negroes here on KTalk can relate)

Then it’s off to divorce court. Doesn’t matter who’s at fault. She’s now in her mid to late 30’s with two kids and little or no job training. No wonder the courts give them the big slice. But now the tables are really in men’s favour. She becomes “a last resort” in a market place full of younger, unattached, better looking stuff for the eligible guys out there who now have fairly good jobs, maturity, and money, not to mention still holding their good looks. If she starts dating, she’s normally left with the dregs. Some women in the above situation do go on to find a new relationship, but the vast majority drop out altogether or get passed around from one unsatisfying Common Law relationship, or temporary live in, to the next. ( A typical example here is Betty Kyalo )

When she realizes what she has done, if she hasn’t at the divorce court, she drowned in regret and remorse. Should have treated that great guy, the former husband, the way he deserved in the first place. But instead covers up and blames all her woes on him but he’s already moved on. What really pisses her off, even years after the divorce, is the fact that he’s now into something he’s happy with maybe even a new family, and has never looked back once. Now between 40 and 60 she becomes bitter. Many remain on the poverty line, with low paying jobs, poorer accommodation, and little in the way of savings. You see them every day on the dating sites and social media platforms, pleading for long term relationship (LTR); describing themselves as still attractive, five years younger than they really are, having a great life with fine dining, trips abroad, and romantic evenings.

So who won in the end?

And as always, MGTOW = FREEDOM

It’s 3AM and you are still thinking about MGTOW…seriously

Mtura-ndom my friend, I eat, breath and shit MGTOW. TO me anytime is MGTOW/AMG time. And according to how things are unfolding in KE, most of u ‘woke married negroes’ will soon realize this is your only last resort.

Lala tu. You can give a summary asubuhi.

Wacha achanue watoto wa singo matha hawajawahi ambiwa na baba zao maisha yako namna gani

I could let the sleeping dogs lie, but its my duty and responsibility to mentor the next generation of upcoming young men.

Spot on!

Ninaona wanaume hapa hamlali. Mko holiday ama ni kazi tu?

We have to join the top 1% by working 17 hours a day baba

Wat a savage answer. anyway let bastards be reminded even at 2am the dangers we ar facing from feminine whores

Iko chida

Boss kalale tunajua huna bibi

Watu wanafikirianga hivi must be ugly, awkward men. Handsome, outgoing guys have no trouble getting laid in younger years.

Please come back with your usual handle,this one aint sexy

what is this MOGOTIO

sijasoma because nina haraka but MGTOW forever GET MONEY and MUSCLE MM TEAM

That’s a great review, so many guys can relate.

you dont understand, do you? Its not about getting laid,go through th3 fine print if you want to know what it is about

Don’t expect a sub 60 IQ blockhead to grasp the gist of this post

This is bang-on bitches! accurate simplified breakdown… and while women APPEAR to have all the advantages (perks, benefits, longer drinks at the water fountain, attention and “ladies first” horseshit thrown at them for being born with a vagina), it’s definitely NOT an advantage.

When you are GIVEN anything… it does not hold the same value as earning it yourself.

Men are forced to run the race and EARN their way out of worthlessness.
Women go through the first part of their lives drawing the finish line wherever god dropped them.
… and they have NO problem living in that little world.

This is not a plus.

…. until one day, they wake up, and suddenly guys aren’t paying attention to them anymore.

Nature has a terrific way of restoring balance. I wouldn’t enjoy it so much if women displayed A SINGLE OUNCE of humility, gratitude or appreciation along the way, but they don’t. The journey is long and hard for a Man and the lessons are 10 times as tough. Often many times worse. And from them, we grow. We learn. We get better. We adapt.

Women don’t.

They look around and realize – usually MUCH too late – that they could have handled it better. They didn’t have be such cunts. They didn’t have to break up with the guy because he was “too nice” and put it to him like that. They didn’t have to laugh at the guy who asked them to dance at the club. They didn’t need to make fun of the guy who asked her out. They didn’t need to call guys “creeps” and “stalkers” for smiling at them from across the room. And they didn’t need to LIE to guys who just wanted her phone number.

But they did. And men should let them choke on it.

I have just turned 25 years and it’s all slowly starting to dawn on me.