the system is flawed

It’s a relief now that the rains are here, nimeona iko mahali hata snow imejaa.Anyway i woke up early today and it was raining so i decided to go back to bed, one thing i noticed is small kids as early as 5am waiting for their school bus.Why are kindergarten & Nursery babies stressed like this, waking them up at 5am to go to school with this heavy rains like 1+1 can’t be taught in the afternoon! This is a major injustice that should be stopped, the education system in kenya is too harsh.Alafu mtoto aende shule for the next 22 years…when he/she graduates she looks for work and then they start paying bills until they retire…hehe…iyo cycle ya maisha hunimaliza tu sana…si heri tu tukuwe mbuzi, we graze na kulala…no paying of bills.The system is designed to turn you into a cog wheel in a big machine that creates wealth for a small percentage of individuals at the top of the pyramid., starting with the small kids.


Jam ndio shida.


Wewe ni mtu mashida life,love life etc.

Naskia ama nahisi njaa.


hapo umeongea kama wahenga kumi na wawili

kwa hivo haukuwa kwa msitu

alikua kwa zoo

The system consists of the elite and the collective. the elite understand the system to a good extent. The collective just follow a routine. Your children will never learn to make their own plans since they have learn to follow unquestionable programs at school. long time ago, when I was in I school, I didnt like maths teacher, and I never listened to him for four years. You can expect I wasnt doing well in maths. So in the fourth year, I got the four course books, read through & through all methods and did almost every example. by the time I was at the fourth book, I realized it was child’s play. I could do any paper in record time getting everything right except for careless mistakes. Since the third form, I had realized the same about all other subjects.

So what were the four years and teachers for? Why is there an unquestioned idea that you can never acquire skill and knowledge unless some other person reads it out for you from a book? Why arent you allowed to buy books, learn in any environment, and be tested and given a cert in any length of time? Why is it that you can only learn, content compiled by other people and not choose what is useful to you even in your adulthood? This confirmed what I had always complained about to dad since I graduated primary school: That school is not about you learning, but its about you being put in a certain social perspective and mindset.

Why do we teach our children that the world is fair? Why do we keep children in uniform so that they do not know that there is poor and rich? Why dont we let children know that there is a gap between them and others that they have to close in time? Why dont we tell children that you are not necessarily rewarded for hard work?

You must understand that school teaches your children to be dependent on a ready made plan. So that after twenty-five years of schooling through all development period, your child does not know where to start after campus because there is no one to plan for them. So wanajaribu kuimagine where to start wanaona hakuna. It is designed at this time, responsibilities immediately come in. The society insists you must marry after this point. Under pressure, your child submits to the system and becomes a part of the collective.

If one realizes the trick in the development period, there is a chance of emancipation. However, a child will never know since they are in the bondage of system education programes, which are actually plans to keep your child busy and from reality. A few make it out of the collective, and they become the elite, and they push the system on. All societies are simply tier systems of Masters and Slaves. Nothing wrong with either. Its about “on which side do you want your child to be?”


Hapo umetomba point hadi ikajipa…

You nailed it in one.Especially that part about slaves and masters.Only the risk taking brave souls will liberate themselves and their future offspring from the “system” and only if they dare to be different.

Halafu the amount of books they carry utawahurumia

Your argument is on point @Ingia. Even those who make it through the system eg lawyers become swallowed in the rat race and only a fee make it to the top.

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The lawyers and the like only happen to be closer to the master’s table:they receive the biggest crumbs.

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