The story of two african soccer players

This is a tale of two Ivorian footballers - Emmanuelle Eboue and Didier Drogba. Both played for two huge London football clubs in the exact same period - from the mid oh-ohs to the early part of this decade - which meant each Ivorian earned tens of thousands of Sterling pounds, weekly, for an average eight years. It means they should both have been shilling billionaires by the end of their respective tenures in Arsenal and Chelsea FC, right? Right!

But while Didier Drogba is now not just the second largest investor in mines in the Ivory Coast (not to mention being the part-owner of two MLS soccer teams in North America) and so worth about USD100 million (Sh10 billion), Eboue’s story is one of ‘woiye’ (pity). Eboue, after an acrimonious divorce from his white wife where the judge awarded her even his mansion in Enfield, is now bitter and bankrupt. He hides in the empty mansion with the electricity off, scared of bailiffs coming to evict him.

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He washes his clothes by hand because he can no longer afford a washing machine (and thanks to his late grandmother for teaching him domestic chores when he grew up in the village). He used to roll around in fancy expensive cars for years, but now uses public transport. And he blames it all on his conniving ex-wife.

“Emmanuelle you were very naïve,” Eboue now laments. “Every document your wife tells you to sign, you sign (even for property)!” He revealed that of the 8 million Euros (almost a billion bob) he earned playing with Galatasary in Turkey, seven million was sent to his (ex) wife Aurelie “because she was living behind with our three kids in London.” Now the woman has even cut off contact of the children from their Ivorian father.

There are lessons to be learnt from the tragic story of Eboue here (more than sad, because the once pound millionaire has recently considered suicide, because of heartbreak, shame, depression and near penury). First of all, it is almost always better to try and marry from within your own culture. Oh, I know, there are a few stories out there of loving and successful interracial and inter-cultural marriages, but these are in the minority.

It is easier, if not better, to be in close proximity when it comes to matters of marriage - in colour, religion, class and education. ‘Opposites attract’ is fine - but an Eskimo man from Greenland marrying a Khoisan woman from the Kalahari desert, to use an extreme example - does that sound like a sound foundation for long and happy union?

By all means, marry across tribes, because divided Kenya doesn’t need more ethnic insularity. If you can, even marry across a national border. Didier Drogba, an Ivorian, married a lady from Mali - which is like marrying a nice Tanzanian. But don’t stray too far from East(ern) Africa if you can. Build back home, or even in the city - but invest in real estate, if able to, close to your roots.

If Eboue had apartment buildings in Abidjan, greedy Aurelie wouldn’t have an English racist judge able to award her these properties - and he’d just have fled back to Africa a rich man. True, Drogba has invested in real estate in Marseilles, but these are rental properties, not home - and by investing in Ivory Coast mines during their civil war at low prices, Drogba showed patriotism and confidence in his country that has now paid off, pardon the pun, in spades.

Drogba is also a great philanthropist. He established a free hospital for poor Ivorians in Abidjan, in partnership with wealthy global contacts like Abramovich. “Those who give shall receive,” and by using his networks so wisely, Drogba is now so popular in Cote d’Ivoire, it is quite possible that - (like former footballer Weah of Liberia) - if he ran, he would easily win the presidency.

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Eboue’s ‘investments,’ other than in his sly white fox of a wife, were in false friends and fast cars. He didn’t

Ongeza Alex Song hapo chini,anacheza Djibouti.

Na ule betachieth wa Togo

Adebayor ako Olympia Paraguay he may end up at Thika United.

Eboues story is one of financial illiteracy.
We have our athletes here in Kenya who struggle the same way and end up with nothing.
Lesson- when you make money let it work for you.


The failed ones will tell you “Ni uchawi”.

Sad realty of life, interracial only sounds good on paper, whites have toxic feminism heri hata Africa

Hata nyeuthis ziko na tabia mbaya,hapana angalia eti ju ni muzungu

Other factors cause this fall from grace. First is maintaining insane levels of fixed costs without adjusting your lifestyle for the realities of fluctuating income after you move from top tier clubs or even after retirement. This coupled with unrealistic assumptions of future earnings makes these football stars think that success in one area means success in everything - including finance and personal investments.

Kinyozi dufanda naskia in the early 2000s ulikua unanyoa wazee makwapa hapa chini hurlingham but siku izi umedhoofika juu ya kumanga mabibi za watu unanyoa fudhi pale mwihoko kwa akina @Starscream …true or false?

Sasa kwani ninaishi wapi? Mara dumbuini,kinoo,hurligham,mwihoko,rwaka…pick a struggle alafu ukam tubanje. Hauna kitombeo hii new year buda? utamaliza palmela

Kitemeo siezi kosa buda. Mimi ni world bwoss ngumi bwegze.

:D:DChoreeni hii riba wagwana. Ni mwaka mpya

That’s not the case. Shida he let the woman do his finances and she put everything in her name. Even if he had several businesses once the woman left he would eventually end up with nothing.

Wacha kupinga eboue is illiterate. Easy to take advantage of such people. On that list add 90% of Brazilian soccer stars.

iko athlete ya eldoret going down that road even the rhough he married his fellow Kalenjn only that he fucks a lot of married women…

Naskia inaitwa weak knuckles na @Thirimaii ,:D:cool:

@uwesmake tuleteee updates za kijana yenu. Former Highbury fan favourite.

I dont think we are given a complete picture of how Eboue lost his money. Partly because all the news is from African media who are playing to cultural sensationalism. UK courts split property 50/50 and pay no attention to whose name is on the title deeds. And theres a trail of cash transfers so she cant claim she made the money. But on google, the said ex-wife (Aurelie) is actually Belgian not British. Before her, Eboue was married to an African woman (Stephanie Boedé ) whom he left when he left his home to seek soccer riches in Europe. And later remarried. And even during his divorce, Galatasarie paid him $1.5m a year. Theres probably huge financial irresponsibility on his part.

When Kolo Touré, his former Arsenal and Ivory Coast teammate, was punished for failing a drugs test in 2011, Eboué phoned him regularly in support. But when the tables turned, Eboué’s phone remained silent. “I know they know my problem, but I hope one day they will call me,” he said. Of course it’s disappointing. I thought the friendship was stronger”.