The Story Of This Guy Exemplifies How We Treat Our Entertainers...

He is not entitled to anything.
Even modern content creators and musicians.
If they do not invest wisely, they will face the same predicament.
A man’s only saviour is his money and investments.

Someone here talked about being famous at the wrong time. Mtu kama Mejja atakafunga kuliko akina juakali just coz ya social media and not because he is better ( he might be though)
Same as US rap videos on YouTube, utapata Ngoma kama ‘Still Dre’ haina as many views as video ya Lil Uzi Vert or Migos. And it’s an iconic song, timeless.
Also actors and singers were paid peanuts then. Didn’t benefit from song sales much with al the piracy.

Kuna msee alisema KBC used to pay actors a monthly salary. For musicians during time ya mizizi show, they would get a stipend everytime they performed on the show. Do the current tv stations pay musicians to appear on their entertainment shows?