The Story of NAKUMATT and the blind men

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Too rough

Nakumatt is as dead as a dodo.

RIP Nakumatt

Problem is that they want to drag Tuskys down the same grave. And Funny enough, Dan Githua and Directors are too blind to see that.

When you are in a debt to the tune of billions, then there is no way in hell you are going to get back to your feet. No fuckin way.

and the vultures are circling, ready to swoop in for the kill.
its a jungle out there and the rules are the same, survival for the fittest.

:D:D:D you conveniently forget hyenas lurking in the background

yep, but vultures are the first ones to detect an animal is in trouble, from the carcass all scavengers will get a piece

thanks you didn’t mention Carrefour stores.

How the fuck are these fuckers going to repay a 30 billion shilling debt and make profit? There are a lot of details about this deal that have been left out. Even the Tuskys guys are smart enough to see that, so maybe there are some shady dealings that are taking place that no one is talking about. From what I’ve heard, Nakumatt treated their suppliers like shit, giving preference to relatives. The same shit happens at Tuskys, where relatives of the owners also supply the supermarket. So maybe they should go down together.

Eeeeer…Kenya Airways have come out of it before, and are coming out of it again. It depends on the restructuring process and goodwill of the stakeholders.

A takeover by Carefour would be better at least iache kukaa kama ni ya Boudoirs only

Chris Kirubi is that you?

The fall of Makunatt must have been engineered and executed by well connected operatives ambao walinyimwa slices zao in the giant retailer…Look also at Taj Mall…look where they are…ukikataa kuchotea wakubwa they will make sure u are on ur knees. Hawa wahindi hukua mkono ngamu sana…I mean what is so difficult to give a bribe or bribes if u have the cash to the operatives…bandit economy they said, just flow with the trend.

How much debt isn Nakumatt in? And now much money does Tuskys make? With that, one can make and informed decision.

One the other hand, if i have money that i want to clean, i would bail out Nakumatt…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Akina @Abu-khara Al-toilete huko Magadishu walizimiwa pesa ya piracy, they would have come in handy given how they have bought whole streets in Nairobi

Then they were buying at double the offer price

Kenya airways is state owned unlike Nakumatt which is a private company