The Story of Abu Bakr

Once upon a time,
When being a Muslim was highly considered a crime,
There lived in a small estate in Dakar,
A young man by the name Abubakar.

He was jobless,
But he was lucky to marry a hardworking princess,
She set up a small Arabian tea restaurant,
There, Abubakar would sit the whole day chewing Khat.

He had a beautiful daughter,
Whom he named Rhoda,
He wished he could afford to take her to an academy,
But poverty seemed to be his worst enemy.

One day his step-brother came up with an idea,
That would make them Millionaire,
Their goal,
Was to get out of Senegal.

He proposed selling the old family car,
And use the money to join their Uncle in America,
Once the old jalopy was bought,
They busied themselves acquiring passport.

Abubakar was sad to leave his young family behind,
But the prospect of becoming rich in America clouded his mind,
In America, their Uncle assured them of Hundreds of Dollars,
If only they could blow themselves up in a crowded Shopping mall in Dallas.

That the money will be wired to their families back at home,
Once they have detonated the Bomb.
There was great fear in Abubakar’s eyes,
But his step-brother convinced him otherwise.

By the time the news of Dallas terrorist attack broke,
Abubakar could only hope,
That Rhoda can afford Academy fee,
And his wife has stopped selling Arabian tea.

Abubakar had a daughter named ‘Rhoda’?

@sani umbwa Malaya Takataka chafu shoga hii

His US based CIA slave uncle had brainwashed him

Islam is a religion of the Devil.

Says a polytheist…

Religious folks bickerring over other imaginery folks