The star newspaper plagiarized my KenyaTalk thread


This past Friday morning, 20th January 2023, I authored a thread titled “20 Golden Lessons Your Father Should’ve Taught You” - As the title suggests, it was a comprehensive list of 20 valuable lessons which men should be familiar with. It’s available here =

Lesson number 5 read; Never have sexual relations with colleagues, relatives, in-laws or neighbors.

Coincidentally, the following day on Saturday 21st January 2023, the star newspaper released an article titled; [SIZE=4]People you shouldn’t have intimate relationships with = [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Then they proceeded to outline the same demographics I presented, with slightly different synonyms:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]1. Your boss. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]2. Your neighbour [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]3. Your classmate [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]4. Your workmate. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]5. Your siblings’ friends. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Much as I am honored that my gospel is being [/SIZE]disseminated, I don’t appreciate blatant plagiarism. In litigation, we refer to this as theft of intellectual property!

Don’t ever infringe upon my Intellectual property rights again.

Shouldn’t you have written this crap to the star?

You can sue them. Shida you used incognito handle here so kurukwa futi kumi ni rahisi.

If you try to sue you will have to answer why you belong to a ponographic village.

Nothing is plagiarized there coz this is common knowledge

I’ve realized hadi Twitter wanatumia lingo ya kijiji sana…

Everyone knows you shouldn’t shit where you eat. It’s redpill 101. Basic stuff that you plagiarized yourself. I’m sure someone else has said the same thing here at some point.

And you cannot call such content intellectual property unless it’s a novel (orginal) idea, which I’m sure it isn’t.

Kuna radio sitaisema jina that mimi huskia presenters wao wakidiscuss some threads na kupull knowledge kutoka hapa hapa ktalk.

Ukisoma articles za xn iraki kuna articlez unapata ka vibe ka kenyatalk…labda yeye ni elder chini ya mmaji.

Broken news tufanyie nini? Name names buana.

Wakisii mmeiba mitihani na kupeleka A zote Kisii na Nyamira counties. Shame on you guys

Kwa hivyo?

Shame on you thieves

thirsty niggas. Hii ni attention ya pink handler unatafuta hivi?

Wewe ni ndume ghasia

With a definite individual address, if they want you then they can find you.

Billy na mbaruk. Washenzi sana