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with such crazy sophistication spywares, it’s not hard to think that bypassing end to end encryption is just a piece of cake to these guys

He he he…
And to imagine villagers are “anonymous”…


I am surprised that talkers here think that this is an anonymous forum then proceed to post some damning shiet.

Exactly! If someone can take over your device and log all activities you do on another server elsewhere there is no need for encryption! In my assessment, UK government has been taking us back to the days of Moi, that is the dreaded 1986 where all communication was being spied on, so I can bet that they have already subscribed to this… Their affinity for private data is crazy! That is why Huduma Number is being implemented, same with the enactment of the Secrets Act of 1968, then the declaration that all Landlords must keep all information of their tenants and share with NIS, and many many more actions… BTW K-Talk is the easiest to monitor… very easy indeed to have your computer/ phone data stolen through this forum that is if…


Let them do what they want

Even what they say is just the icing on the cake. The actual cake is the big picture.

Every digital device linked to a network can be hacked easily at the corner office of intelligence office if the have the right tools and equipment. They just put the coffee and download, use the camera and mic remotely. They can even make calls, send texts and log in to any site on your device remotely. So ask yourself unaficha nini? During South Sudan recent civil wars, machar people got arrested and charged on specific issues. They denied them but were given exact transcript of their texts, WhatsApp etc. Locally that will be our NIS and I’m glad because they are a professional body. DCI doesn’t and that is why they run around arresting bloggers and chase to get their devices.

Secondly the intertwined interest between tech companies and spy Intel agencies. All this glorified silicon valley tech firms give backdoor access to usa nsa to their data, servers and users. They don’t even hack, they log in. They just pretend it doesn’t exist or happen. Understand why. Do you think a government will allow private companies to have the entire big data on everyone and everything they do and they are not in it? There is someone who usually say Facebook, twitter etc are private Intel companies disguised as free internet companies. Then I thought about it. They give you a free service, you agree to all terms and conditions upfront to have your page registered. That give them full access to every digital footprint you have. You network with everyone. They invest on huge server farms, pay developers, programmers, users, staff, promotions, maintenance, etc for $ billions they pay themselves. All to recoup by advertisers fees and have this big data as commodity to trade and manipulate whole society’s.

Ukisahau password u need email address tuanzie hapo.

I think this is how my cousin’s wife is able to access calls and messages information from his phone without actually physically having the phone