The spirit world

Gods children’s are failing to exercise authority against the enemy, given that Lucifer was cast out of heaven with his angels by the decree of the ethereal king of heaven, that ancient serpent brought the war on the world of men, to kill, steal and destroy.
Earth is not a place of rest nor slumber. Lets not be ignorant, lets remain watchful so we don’t loose our souls, for the battle on earth is all about the souls of men. Lets accept Jesus Christ in our lives n through HIM we will deploy to the front lines as soldiers of heaven

Lucifer is not a fallen angel.

Refer to [SIZE=7]Isaiah 14:12-17 [/SIZE]


What if Jesus is the fallen angel, I mean the good book does call him the eastern star… Hehe guess who the lord of Light is?

Are u asking?


How did u arrive to the conclusion that jesus Christ is a fallen angel? Which verse exactly refer to jesus as the eastern star?

Who said anything about the Bible?

I guess ur nt a Christian or if u are ur a canal one?