The special one is back..

The special one has bought a new bus and is now on top of the table

Man Utd will be a title challenger zis season.
Take that to Ikuiti.

Hata top 4 hawapati, if they need a penalty to beat West Brom. Kuwa serious bana.

Sit back, counter, score repeat …

Penalty si it’s part of football mdau. And it was a genuine one.
Arsenali won the Utd game via a penalty and nobody raised a finger.
Cut the Utd team and fans some slack.

Ok, but claiming they will be challenging for the title is an exaggeration. Just look at the way other teams are playing and compare.

They are playing well. That’s why they won.
And it’s just starting.
Watch this space.

Tone down from cloud cuckoo land and level with me in reality Man u is SHIT

Pep amebleach team sana.
Who knew that Yaya Toure was right about Pep’s racism.
Fuck his team is now the bore.