The son of Joe Biden, America's (fake) President. Tafakari hayo.

[SIZE=5]If Trump’s son was in a similar photo holding a prostitute probably an illegal from South America, Trump would be impeached a third a fourth and a fifth time!

In fact the democrats in congress would sentence him to hang![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In fact if this was Uhuru Kenyatta’s son people would question the first family and wonder loudly what kind of a father he was.[/SIZE]


Honestly. Nobody cares. Very few people here live in the USA. It’s KENYAtalk.


And if they do, they are here coz of the KenyaTalk. Aache machungu orangeman alishindwa



@patco ,wacha watu watombane na wanawake ,atleast hajataka kutomba daughter yake

@patco, things are definitely not going fine on their end. They are pleading that you stop the offensive. I had noted that defending a govt is one of the most difficult jobs. It takes a very heavy toll on one’s psyche when the Mr. Clean image gradually fades and turns less glitzy. Cognitive dissonance becomes deeply seated. Depression sets in and any criticism triggers them. Long gone is the euphoria.

Oh! Have you heard about a puerto rican couple shot yesterday in the streets of…hebu google hiyo story. Hint - haiko CNN. The reaction of the local leader called Richard Taite ndio muhimu. Because it touches on the cognitive dissonance common among your opponents on matters race. U can use that info as more ammo or not…

also in kenya, itamuongezea bonga points, sonko was there, pokot governor, cs land, kirinyaga deputy etc. nobody gives a shit what two grown up people do in private , just a talking point for a few days then it is quickly forgotten

Wewe bado unaumwa na the fact that zambarau has $120,000 to invest.

[SIZE=5]All these above are bitter unwieldy njaruos. And we all know that they love Obama, so nothing to see hear.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Just a few njaruos moaning for Obama. Just a few njaruos waving their combined 57.64kgs of foreskin flaps in protests.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Njaruos unclench your muscles. Njaruos put down the foreskin mebrane catapults. Njaruos put down the boulders and see the reality. The Democratic party is an enemy of black people including njaruos![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In 8 years Obama brought nothing to Luos in Nyanza, not even a road for his grandmother. His very own Kenyan siblings live in slums![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Njaruos wake up!! The only thing Obama wants you to do us to fcuk each others asses. Njaruos wake up!!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]CC @Swansea McAdams Ochollah Rachier son of Odindo fisaboat, motobot repairer.[/SIZE]



Umbwa we don’t care.



[SIZE=5]@Mangele @Tom Bayeye before I forget please please please we want to see where Jakoyo Midiwo will be buried. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We must see the simba he has constructed in Siaya after close to 30 years in power.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We want to see everything including the compound fence and the pit latrine. We want to see the house he built for his parents.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We want to see his elder brother’s shoes.[/SIZE]

Sasa juu babake ni president asitombane. You guys you stoop so low. Ata akadinya malaya 500 arecord on camera how does that affect the presidency?

Umbwa we don’t care.

Haha, it seems you have a problem of thinking about other men’s penises. Si ya mtoto was joe, si ya njaruo.

You forget that Obama is not Kenyan, I don’t know why you think Luos or anyone, including his own family are entitled to anybody his wealth.

Najua we umesaidia kila mtu wa kabila yako and all of your family

Ghaseer bladfukin

Njaruo calm down. Like @Hmmmmm Onyango has suggested, don’t stoop so low!!

Unclench your bicep. Slow down your heartbeart. Lower your foreskin flaps. Yeees… that’s it.

Now there is nothing to get emotional about. No one has mentioned Obama. Just calm down collect your thoughts. Tie your foreskin back across your waist. Fasten the knot to secure your meat flaps around the copper belt lightning arrestor.

Everything will be okay. Lake Victoria is going nowhere. Mgongowasi will remain where it has always been. Now take the young man @Tom Bayeye and go lie together in one of the fishing boats. Set sail for clear waters. Switch on Tony Nyadundo greatest love hits & portions. Hold Thomas close. Bend the kinyozi over and do what Obama does to his boyfriend Michael. But be careful. If you shake the boat too aggressively Omieri python might be awoken. Thomas Bayeye Otieno does not ask for much. Just 233 shillings to take him back to Winam Gulf.

Bayeye Thomas, ona kijana ya Biden. Like father like son.



Enda tik tok ama instagram huko ndo kwa watu na watoto wanapenda kufloss.

Sijui huko ni wapi.