The situation in Burundi...Explicit Content Viewer discretion advised.

Just got this frm a frnd of mine who managed to escape[ATTACH=full]6448[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6449[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6450[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6451[/ATTACH]


Ni kubaya huko all because of one man’s greed

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God forbid ooo

African leaders and greed for power…To them a constitution is just a piece of paper

Who has the ball to take out this Nk’za nigga from power? You mean Burundi is headed to the dogz just coz of one maafaka?

Africans we never learn…



Its called african syndrome

Sometimes i wonder, why people die because of one person. He doesnt see the freedom and respect retired presidents enjoy?

I weep for my beloved africa

And African head of states are all silent coz they know at one point they might need a “last term” in Office too. This is bad.

When will these leaders learn?

The ‘developed’ nations are saying “look at these negros, dumb as usual”. We Africans can see what’s happening over there is wrong. We bear the brunt of exceedingly greedy leaders. Something gotta give.

Stupid niggas nyinyi. Kwani akina Pinochet were black? Stalin anyone? Oooooh! Supid 8fofo. Dont read any history

greed :mad::mad:


and this bish of a man…nkurunziza… claims to have tasted salvation.

Someone catch the maf*cker leader and feed him to team atwolis to be DFHKM.