The simple explanation for African mediocrity

It is the weather guys. There is something about fair weather that inspires lazy, short term thinking, while cold, harsh weather encourages mental focus and a planning mentality. Even in US and Europe, when summer comes around, high IQ wazungus turn into lazy bonobos who just want to relax and shake their buttocks at parties.

On a serious note though, economists also observed that before the Middle East discovered oil, there was a direct correlation between warm temperature and economic development. And even though now the Middle East has broken that stereotype, people in Gulf States will tell you that it is mostly foreigners doing all the work there, while the local Emiratis engage in bonobo behavior.

Ndio hayo kwa sasa, blame it on the sun

Limuru and its environs is veeery cold yet that’s where laziness stands tall for the locals

There is no cold in Kenya that compares to winter temperatures. Kenyan temperature has annual lows of like 17 degrees during the day. That’s summer time in Northern Europe and Canada

so tufike degree ngapi ndio tuwache uvivu?

Limuru is actually nothing compared to winter temperatures. Sometimes they drop even beyond zero.

Inuit and other arctic peoples are mostly just snownobos (snow bonobos)

Is that not obvious mkuu? Ama unataka kusema sijawai skia kitu kama winter?

the post never gave the temperature limits. Again if the level of cold determines productivity, then I expect more productivity at Limuru than at relatively hotter areas like Naivasha.

Soko Mjinga wewe

Temperature icheze hapo between 10 degrees and minus 10 degrees.

Negroes wamekua kule murica for a few hundred years na bonoboism is still rampant.

They are lucky because whites do/did the heavy lifting

yeah. Hii research ni porojo tu. Australia wako chojo and their winters are at 5 degrees minimum.

This comment just confirms the original post

5 degrees ni kama fridge. That’s extreme winter. You will literally die without warm clothing


This has always been my view. The laziest people will be found in warm coastal regions and tropical Islands. To survive in freezing temperatures will force your medula oblangata to work full time. Sio kulala chini ya miti waiting for the fruit to fall into your open mouth :smiley:

Ndio maana, the admin is trying hard to send some of you to Yakutia.

I wanted to comment but i will let it pass :smiley:

Limuru sometimes drops to 6 degrees. Ama utasema 1 degree makes the difference?

Hehee ekelea tu usijali