The silent war against crypto currencies by kenyan banks

2 yrs ago pale kwa local my guy alianza kunichunia guitar kuhusu cryptocurrency. Kama jamaa wa research nikaingia after heavy heavy research and started buy 2k worth of crypto once in a while. I now have a nestag pale which has grown healthy over time. however since March imekuwa ngumu sana to transfer cash to any of my crypto wallets . I use binance which took both Mpesa and debit card and now zote zilikataa. Coinbase nkajaribu kuingia na siaje eza to deposit. wadau nimesikia kilio kingi to not be able to deposit kenyan fiat to crypto wallets juu nikama equity waligoma and my guy who introduced me ako kcb na pia imemkazia.

Wadau saidieni hapa, which platform is functional with kenyan currency and from which bank, kuna 2 k naffa ninunue nayo safemoon x crypto na imetulia tu bila kazi


The problem is that if you post publicly, government goons might be snooping around and close of the remaining loop holes. African governments suck, they always want to keep their people poor. Even Nigeria is facing the same crisis

Central banks world over are trying to suppress crypto,as it will make them obsolete.Bitpesa which the CS Mucheru himself was part of was closed, you can see how powerful the forces are.BIS and IMF/worldbank are churning papers to try ensure we remain enslaved to the status quo.But we are very early in the game nikama internet in the 90’s who would have thought amazon then selling books would make physical stores close a decade or two later bankrupt.Central banks time is coming,for now only peer to peer platforms are possible.

Localbitcoins is a peer to peer based exchange. I bought 150k worth of bitcoin 1 year ago, I just regret I did not buy more sooner.

Also make sure you don’t lose your phone, I changed mine and had temporarily misplaced the older phone(my kid had appropriated it) and had temporarily lost the wallet as you have to scan the QR code to transfer the wallet. Saa hii I only keep paper wallets.

You only bought 0.0241 of one bitcoin. Hakuna difference yako na stock broker ana trade shares za Kenya Orchards.

Tumia paxful, just download the app register and you can buy bitcoins with mpesa, but kwanzia 1,500 ksh.

I can’t believe people are stil buying Bitcoin

LOL… I’m sitting on 473% gains as of today

I’ve been using paxful and I can confidently recommend to anyone, you even make you purchases and sells via mpesa

How is it for withdrawal to fiat?

You sell and get paid in your chosen method eg mpesa, Airtel money,Skrill, paypal, visa etc

Many governments are trying to regulate crypto. On two exchanges I had bought coins as a test (lil money), no longer accept my card. I was trying to escape coinbase because of the exhorbitant fees. They are a rip off.

Nimeskia wadau wengi waki complain juu ya coinbase sana.

Bitcoin is projected to rise even further fyi

it might be so, but there ar oins you’d douuble your investment faster than in bitcoin. in fact, its very difficult to double your money right now and in foreseeable future


Just sell the bitcoins via P2p hapo binance

Lemme have alook

Which coins have the highest potential for growth?