The senseless forgotten war in South Sudan

How long will this senseless tribal war between the Nuer and the Dinka go on

Tribal war made exacerbated by presence of oil now. They’d rather fight than get education and improve their lives. If the fight for power and resources lasts forever they’ll all perish foolishly. Are Africans predestined to forever be in war with themselves? Who’s behind all this, the puppeteer?

I’ve had my fair number of interactions with our dark brothers from s.sudan and from experience they are not what you’d call the sharpest tool in the box…to them its about tribal superiority. I think it’ll be a while before they break out of that shell

Yes. 98% of all the government money comes from that place where the fight is going on

The same is replicated closer home by the Pokots and Turkanas.

Nilotes have a problem everywhere they are. Even in Kenya you can pointthe trouble spots by just showing where nilotes are.

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There are many cars from s.sudan in nairobi nowdays, it must be bad there and they are running away. They rich who benefit from the war have their children in UG and Kenya

DRC, Burundi, Somalia, Libya, Northern Nigeria, Yemen, Mali, Central African Republic etc are all occupied by Nilotes?? Go get a refund from your Geography/History teacher.

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The government needs to be tough on this so called South Sudanese elites and if possible, their kids should not be enrolled in Kenyan schools. This will make them wiser and more conciliatory.

Kenya benefits more from S.Sudan. They can’t do such.

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Are we soo much better?

Believe me when I tell you we are. I have interacted with the children of the so called Sudanese ‘elite’ and those guys are very daft. Afatsari hata Tanzanians.

I don’t think they are daft. They are just slow. Hawapendi mambo ya chap chap