The second part of the prophecy (2 bridges collapsing) comes to pass

Which prophecy?

this is the prophecy

This is the fulfillment of the first part

Sasa wakiristu wa kenya hawatalala. Hio pasta imeona pa kukulia. Tayarisheni mishahara

Kumbe prophet Owuor huwa ndani ya kijiji?

Maybe he was prophesying the fall of BBI chieth bridges

Kwani huelewi hii ni KENYAtalk? Any Kenyan with internet access can be found here

Apart from Ole Itumbi and Okiya, which *famous Kenyans are known/thought to be here?

Miguna×2, Moses Kuria, Ouru, Baba

The two loose cannons can be at home in the village cesspool but I doubt that the Ouru and Konyagi have the energy and sobriety (respectively) to be members.

Mzee mzito Abisai predicted 17 games correctly to win the Sportpesa jackpot. Ni hayo tu nitasema kwa sasa.

Andrew Kibe.

:D:D Afungue church ya betting tujoin,of course hakuna kubet na bookies wa Kenya gava wakule tax.

Fred Ng’etich wa radio citizen AKA Sani…