The search for the ultimate Tv.......LG55UH850V review.........long post pt3

This is the last instalment incase you missed the first two here are the links:

To fully utilize this set you need proper legacy devices so i first hooked it to an Lg hometheatre for sorround sound for ultimate movie experience. It should be noted that the tv speakers are done by harman kardon(audiophiles wanatambua hao ni kina nani) and if you dont even own a woofer/hometheare the sound is still great. There are four ways you can do it namely:

  1. Auxilary cable ile ya jack thats what am using
  2. Audio return channel via one of the hdmi- The reason that i didnt use this method is that am saving on the hdmi ports since they are only three. Lg should have given this baby atleast four hdmi ports.
  3. Bluetooth- This method works well the only problem is that you have to pair each time you power on i dismissed this method because i wanted the bluetooth to be used by the wireless keyboard and mouse.
  4. optical audio out- am yet to buy a toslink cable for this its damn expensive ie ksh 1000.
    Debate is still raging on among which of the four methods produces the best sound.
    As for picture from the theatre dvd i used hdmi port1.

Next i hooked it to the internet there are two ways to do it:

  1. ethernet/lan cable method this is what am using it a known fact that cable internet is fast compared to wifi. besides the router is just adjacent to the tv.
  2. wifi- i reserved this for miracast/screenshare/widi devices like tablets and phones unfortunately my infinix hot 3 which in my opinion is a meffi phone doesnt support miracast. You can also project you computer screen via this method but i hate it since you have to pair everytime you switch on your laptop hence i connect my laptop via a second hdmi cable to hdmi port number 2.

Next i hooked it up to the aerial and searched it yielded 259channels which includes bamba,signet,pang,go tv and startimes. Where i reside we use communal aerial (ile ya kuplug hio cable kwa ukuta)and the reception of free to air like bamba and signet is crap. Since this tv has a PCIMCIA slot meaning it supports CI module with a smart card you can slot it in and it instastly unlocks those go tv and startimes channels so you dont need a decoder for those channels. There was a time go tv was pairing smart cards to digital tvs but i dont know if they still do it but my guess is that greed got to them and they are pushing for decoder sales. I dont watch local tv channels much so i dont care.

Next i hooked it to bein sports decoder via the second hdmi port3. The picture is amazing. For those who know bein sports( ferk dishthieves) they broadcast in glorious hd. Am yet to renew my bein subscription since they relocated from nilesat to eshail and to track eshail in nairobi you need atleast 180cm offset dish or 8ft prime focus and they dont come cheap so as a result the only channels i watch on bein are beinsports news (equivalent to supersport blitz) aljazeera and CN arabia:

Next i hooked hooked it to my 2tb harddisk via usb port 1 that supports high speed ile ya blue. Now this tv turns into pvr when connected to a storage device that has a capacity of over 40Gb with this feature you can programme it to record your favorite tv programs for later viewing. The hard disk contains movies, tv series and music. Its a Hevc decoder and plays the h265 codecs like piece of cake. I had Wayward pines seasons two that was in hevc format and it played it without any problem. When playing music you have an option of switching off the screen display but music plays in the background.

Next i hooked a Usb extension cable for USB flash drives for visiting friends to play their music or videos in USB port 2, sipendangi watu kuingiza ingiza vitu huko nyuma hence need for the extension. I had hooked the USB bluetooth dongle to port three for the wireless keyboard and mouse but decided against it because there is no significant change in using the pair over the magic remote.There are many component /av in/out ports behind the tv but i dont need them for now.

NETFLIX:- This tv is a netflix accredited tv and its best feature so far (in my opinion) People why pay for netflix when you have brothers,sisters,uncles cousin abroad who have netflix accounts? That exactly what I did i talked to “a cousin” huko kwa kina trump who game me her login credential and viola am in. By the way netflix allows upto five devices for a single account so yeye huko anatumia nne na mimi hapa niko na moja. Netflix streams based on your bandwith ie If you have higher speeds like 25mpbs it will stream in 4k/hdr (shows like house of cards and marco polo)while with reducing speeds the same content changes to full hd then 720p then 560p etc With my peasant bandwith of 2.5mbps i get a decent 720p stream.

Both netflix and youtube do not buffer at all. Now since we are in kenya dont expect netflix here to have the content like netflix USA
Basically in kenya we get roughly 168 tv series against over 1100 tv series in The USA so previously people used vpns to bypass the their regions and access the whole US catalogue but recently netflix has banned virtually all vpns. (i tried to use hotspot shield and psiphon in vain)

LG STORE:- The number of apps found in LG stores are greatly determined by the region one buys his tv from, Here also USA come first with lg store having apps like amazon prime,hbo and basically the best streaming apps. Now if you remember the picture i posted about how lg tvs are renamed you will know that this tv had it been bought in the US/CANADA its serial would be LG55UH8500 notice the extra 0 instead of V what this means is that during initial setup US will be among the countries hence the lg store will allow you to instal those premium apps and access to whole netflix(100%) catalogue however the downside to this would mean that the colour system would be different from what we use here and basically you tv will show in black and white secondly if bought in the US which uses broadcasting technology known as ATSC unlike DVB-T1/2 that we use here hence need to exercise caution when buying TV sets from the americas. There is also an app called bbc iplayer that i would have loved but its installation is blocked on this set. However me being the mischevious type am already researching on how to get super user rights to get to the root and enable location USA Its a dangerous manouvre that may if done wrongly brick the set but if successful the result will be rewarding. For this task i need a logitech harmonic remote and ebay here i come. Am also considering installing kodi on it but bado sijapata time.

3d:- I have only watched one 3d movie so far partly due to time constraints. I watched the animation how to train your dragon 2. Incidentally when i watched it i had some slices over and basically wanted to impress her with the imax experience. This technology is awesome though strenious on eyes juu ya kuvaa the glasses for longer periods. I have a couple of 3d movies that i will hopefully check out this holiday season. Am looking for a horror movie then smoke some ishen tree and let the experience blow my mind any reccomendations??? Real 2d to 3d is great but like i said watching tv with glasses on especially for people who dont wear them in real life is tiresome.

Where to get 4k and 3d content???
3d and 4k content are very few and far in between however Youtube has some decent music videos and short movie trailers shot in 4k. I also torrent alot though with the shutdown of kat kumekauka kiasi.

Whats the use of an ace tv without a proper sound and game to go with it?
well all i can say is that:-
AVR( i have aleady zeroed in on ONKYO TX-NR646 and DENON-X2200W)…65% loading
GAMING CONSOLE ( XBOX Project scorpio in my eyes PS=meffi). still under development…0%loading

Who will ship in all these stuff?
Your answer is good as mine you bet, it will be the one and only @incognitus

There you have it people stima zimelost zikirudi ntawawekea mbisha msafishe macho!


mbisha ya mnyore ama mnyala kwanza


just randomn trt

Excellent review.

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Swafi buda.

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Eti 65% loading hehehe. AVRs are awesome, you won’t regret. Check out the likes of kina Bestbuy na Electrohub.

And did you mention Logitech Harmony in there somewhere? Well well well…been using Harmony 700 since 2011 and I’m very satisfied. Initially it’s control 7 gadgets max but this has risen to 8 via the most recent software update.

Overall naweza sema you got a very nice screen bana. Those features are excellent.


wewe na imei mtanisaidia kuset up a mini disco in my house,nimechoka na sony home theater. The gadgets I will need nitatafuta pole pole. bugdet isipite 150k

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At your service, sir. Lakini usiwe na pressure, anza na AVR plus the front left, right and centre speakers then build it up pole pole as finances allow. If possible, get a system that can support 7.1 or .2


Nikifanya hii yote Sasa si kutoka hiyo sitting room itakuwa balaa

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swafi sasa niambie majina eg AVR SQNY MODEL 12
front speaker bose model introvert etc.
Hii maneno ya technology inanilemea kidogo but nikiwa na hizo majina kupata siwezi lemewa.
Kuna mahali nikisikia sauti ya bose I think mpaka nikasikia kama sitaenda home kupatana na sony yangu :smiley:

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A mini theatre in my house.

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Wazi mtu wa paipu. Sato nakuja na Mwende, aone katitu mboys 3 Ndii


LG tv’s are bad ass,even the non-smart versions.

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:D:D:D:D Bose bei nayo ni ka ya probox.:frowning:

There’re different makes of AVRs. Most common ni Denon, Marantz, Onkyo (I use Onkyo TX-NR828), Sony, Harman-Kardon, Pioneer, Yamaha, Kenwood, etc.

Speakers I prefer floor-standing speakers to bookshelf speakers for ease of placement. Zipo sina nyingi kama JBL (ES-80 and ES-90 can be good front or surround speakers, ES-25C is a good center speaker, ES-150 & 250 are good powered subwoofers), Infinity Primus, Yamaha, Whaferdale, Bose, BIC, Jamo, Klipsch, Kenwood, etc.

Some of these nazionanga on olx, electrohub na bestbuy fb. Also check on the usual and among others.


Sande sana,nitatafuta hizi vitu mdogo mdogo.

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Hehehe…I’m sure your family (and pocket) will be very happy.:slight_smile:


the cons :

  1. LG has discontinued skype in this model so kama wewe ni mtu wa video calling pole.
  2. A tv costing this much should come with a pre installed camera unfortunately needs to buy a camera separately
  3. No dual glasses. For lovers of gaming with this tv incidences of cheating are eliminated since with dual play glasses each player sees a different screen but same tv imagine playing nfs two players but each one seeing his on screen however this glasses are not included and cost extra 20 bucks it should be noted that 3d glasses are different from dual play glasses
  4. Lg is yet to embrace picture in picture feature that is common in samsung tv but rather goes for a side by side picture that wasting alot of screen space.
    pics loading shortly

By the way @imei2012, I bought my toslink cable back in the day at housewife’s paradise for 0.65k. They have a variety of qualities to choose from and yes, sound output is superior to RCA.

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NETFLIX : loved this series Genghis khan doing his thing [ATTACH=full]73862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]73863[/ATTACH]

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webos with shortcut to different menus beneath[ATTACH=full]73865[/ATTACH]