The scumbag known as Kagwe

Someone help me understand this, why’s there no social distancing in trains, planes but there’s forced social distancing in matatu? Aren’t they all public transport?

This guy is pure scam. We all agree there’s Corona but this nonsense of wearing masks and social distancing is purely nonsense and can’t help to prevent its spread.

Masks and social distancing disrupts the disease. Data shows. Look at the numbers in the US. Sudden surge because of the holidays as predicted. And in China, in Wuhan, they stopped the disease using masks and curfews.

I stopped listening to this Mutahi airhead the day he said he doesnt trust covid vaccines from the western world because who told them that he will get covid?
Akipewa vaccines when za poliona BCG akiwa mtoto who told his Daktari that he might get polio virus or tb bacteria in future?A whole government official in charge of health haelewi kazi na umuhimu wa vaccines ni nini.

So why social distancing in matatus but not in gavament public transport means?

Should be there.

But it isn’t

Planes are enforcing social distancing and masking Mdau.
Not sure about trains.

Have you been in a plane lately? There`s no social distancing at all.


Unaona social distancing wapi hapa?

don’t be ignorant…am sure unajua how many black people died or suffered from mzungu tyranny when they were infected with STI’s in USA and H.I.V aids in south africa…women were sterilised to controll black population all over the world…i supported kagwe on that

Sorry. Haven’t used Jambo jet since 2016.
Normally use KQ

With regards to the vaccine, I think there’s another major scandal in the works. Kagwe said the vaccine will not be free of charge except for “poor kenyans” but he never defined what poor means. They’re spending 10 billion of tax payer monies to buy the cheapest vaccine and still charging for it!

Isnt Jambo a subsidiary of KQ, in short theres no social distancing in planes, used Nairobi-Mombasa in November and there was none

Just being a scumbag

No they do not.

Huyo msee na yule mwengine anafanana na mdomo ya samaki anaitwa Magoha huwa wanareason tu kama panya imekunywa sumu.

Let’s say they give 20 million doses at $10 each. That’s $200m. That’s 20b. Now, African countries will negotiate a 3rd world cost. So it will be cheaper. The Belgium parliament unintentionally revealed the cost for each vaccine as below:
[li]Oxford/AstraZeneca: €1.78[/li][li]Johnson & Johnson, $8.50 [/li][li]Sanofi/GSK: €7.56[/li][li]BioNTech/Pfizer: €12 [/li][li]CureVac: €10 [/li][li]Moderna: $18 [/li][/ul]


:D:D:DThis is a stupid thought…

Google does not charge for its use.