The scuffle

Some three years ago, after a brief hiatus, I decided to venture back to the Hill ten, the home of champions, commonly known to you guys as Iten, to go over there I usually board a shuttle service that I have been advertising here for no pay to me and the page owners.
When I approached the stage some guys who work/own the voxy service approached me to board their more faster means, but having lost my childhood friend Kiptoo in a freak accident where no one survived, I told them no thank you, ‘Makosa’ one of the touts for unarowdy and started hurling abusive words, I asked him werri ni mimi unatukana, He said ‘eeh kwani utafanya nini?’ I moved closer, gave him a left hook and an upper cut, which transported him to Lalaland, his colleague swung into action, ‘umepigia mwas nini?’ throwing a punch that I blocked easily, hitting him in the solar plexus, he doubled up easily. The third guy taller and obviously smatter, started a dialogue ‘Pore Sana Mkubwa, Hawa wesangu sinjui nini mbaya nao?’ ‘I smiled and told him wageuze walale na side wapate oxygen, Sawa? Waambie, si kila mtu ni mnyonge kama @uwesmake na wagisu wenzake hupigwa na Gor Mawe fans and then ran away like women’. Boarded my shuttle and by 5am I was at my favourite town in Kenya.

Moral of the story, ’ fight your own fights. And fvck those who have a contrary opinion.’

:p:p:p You’re a legend in your own mind! :wink:

That’s right @Mangele. You must be amazed by how right you are?

You keep it up you might truly become one. :wink:

Hapana fungia wanaume macho werri Sawa? Kwani hakuna orientation for the NV?

Dry Hekaya… wapi firi firi, na hoho…plus mchuzi mix.

Dry… I was waiting for the part where you drew your kalashiknov and sprayed them.

why are you winking at a fellow male? ama you like it rough

From your avatar, easy to find out Uki bend tu kidogo :slight_smile:

Gathee tafuteni movie ya DJ afro ya mubaruya

Mutongoria afco inakupeleka mbio saa hii.

Heheh…it’s in your blood. You come from a tribe of warriors.

Hi Pamba.

Poa love, kwani hauna usingizi kama mimi

:D:D:D:DWewe si usingizi umekosa .tunajua uko night shift

Arrival was 5am, what was your departure time?

kumbe ndio Kapendo haituliangi,

Stupid kalenjin. Getting into street fights shows us your IQ is competing with that of a dung beetle. Ungedungwa kisu so that the world remains with one less idiot

ndio ikuwe wet? SMH…