The Sad Story of Medusa

For those who don’t have bandos:
[li]Once upon a time, Medusa was a really beautiful woman whose only desire was to serve the goddess Athena.[/li][li]She eventually became a priestess in Athena’s temple. Men traveled far and wide to “worship” at the temple. As a priestess Medusa had to remain pure, so men were out of the question for her.[/li][li]One day, she caught Poseidon’s attention, who decided he had to tap that. When Medusa turned down his advances, he decided to rape her.[/li][li]Medusa fled to Athena’s temple, hoping the goddess would save her, lakini wapi?[/li][li]Afterward, Athena decided someone had to pay for the rape. Since she couldn’t punish the powerful god Poseidon, she decided that Medusa, the victim, had to pay for getting raped. She turned Medusa into a monster, her once beautiful hair turned into snakes. Any man who looked directly into her eyes would turn into stone.[/li][li]On top of being raped and turned into a monster, Medusa now became the target of “heroes” seeking to kill her to claim her head as some form of a trophy. Because why not? Wifi was yet to be invented so heroes were pretty bored back then.[/li][li]Perseus, the “hero” who finally succeeded in killing Medusa, was given direct assistance by Athena. The same Athena our dear Medusa had sworn to serve. The very same Athena that had been a no-show when she was being raped. The same same Athena who had punished her for being raped by turning her into a monster. Guys, even in mythology the sisterhood is a pretty fucked up concept. Athena is supposed to be the goddess of wisdom. ahem[/li][/ul]

Medusa has been a villain ever since. That’s soo fucked up man. I must right this wrong, even if it’s just a story. I’ll adopt Medusa’s head as my family crest banaaa. That way, every time people politely ask me “Sir, are you a devil worshipper?”, it’ll give me the opportunity to tell them the real story of Medusa.

lakini captain…unawegwesa kamua hio kitu

Versace collection use her image

umeona movie joker? thats what colfer was talking about i guess

I adore classical mythology, Medusa’s tale was a cruel and sad one.
I often wonder if it’s not a code for something about the powers of aesthetics

The joker is my 2nd favorite concept, the wits about that man are legendary

I did not know that.You learn something every day

Yes they do and Starbucks too. I marvel how people look upto science for all their answers yet most of the big companies look upto ancient mythology as their life tenets. Most multinational company logos are based on ancient symbols sourced from Egypt, Greece and Babylon. Also, major entertainment companies have secret rooms where the carry out their rites. Still, the UN main HQs in New York has a cube altar in their meditation room(it is open to the public). While people here in Africa continue to claim that they’re educated and do not believe in such myths their masters in the west are very deep in the occult.

The world is deeply ingrained in the occult and all the powers that be are totally in it. The world powerful leaders and celebrities are in the Illuminati.

That logo on Starbucks is an ancient Goddess with two tail fins, whilst the converse sneaker is designed after the demigod messanger of Olympus.
One of chief reasons I cannot take the people seriously is their appetite for the mundane

Paganism mambo yote

If all those snakes in her head could lick a cock together with her tongue it could be a nice trophy for the villan who ended the beauty but this are falsehoods

Greeks gods and goddesses are demon deities like the hindu gods and other idols.

Poseidon alikuwa ananyandua Athena previously