The Root of evil

The Root of evil never was money, it was always ignorance.

A sickness of the mind that subtly proposes a legendary utopia where, should you act as the utopian caretakers decree you are assured of everlasting tenancy. No matter how absurd the demands often are.

There’s a tactical reason why religion always proceeded afore slavery, just like coitus. Foreplay ensures easier penetration.

So take a good look at your everyday life, there is no evil quite like religion.

Yes yes, I know eternal damnation and my soul forfeit to the flames of hell.

Wasn’t religion present through decades and decades of theft, murder, intimidation, slavery, rape and all sorts of torture?

Doesn’t God himself admit that he creates evil and good as well?

Doesn’t the Greek mythologies point out the cruelty of the Olympian ruler Zeus, his infedelities and malice?

Don’t you know Zeus is often argued as a persona of Hades?

Aren’t you aware the similarities of the old Gods and the New God?

Are you so afraid to look in the light and realise the gift of free will is the only gift?

Are you afraid of Lucifer and love his nemesis Jehovah?

Do you know what you believe in? I mean in depth. Have you studied the scripts and compared who is more responsible for evil?

Are you incapable of critical thought?

No we don’t need prayers, we need cold logic and decisive acts.

Normally ningepitia hapa ‘[SIZE=1]kimya kimya[/SIZE]’, bt truth b told, u won’t find solace or whatever ur after by treating other people religions with contempt or disrespect all because u hold controversial idealist contrary to theirs.
If its followers ur after u wld probably achieve substantial success if u wld engage villagers in a more civil/sensitive manner coz ii thread hapa juu basically umeita religious folks fools.

he does that. i think he thinks he’s very intelligent. wacha aendelee tu. kila mtu na starehe zake.

It’s not solace I’m after sir, just incredibly scared of the afterlife.

I’ll work on my manners

I’m not close to intelligence but I study religion and ruling classes at depth, it’s difficult not to see the pragmatic value of religion

And for the record gentlemen, it would be wiser to judge the message not crucify the messanger. Flawed as he is

We r in accord on that point

U don’t say, what has been ur inference so far, i wouldn’t mind a perusal on why u disapprove the afterlife.

your message has already been judged as well. iko chini juu haina facts yoyote.

Not the afterlife is my bone of contention, but the scripts provided for the people.

It keeps the order in power and chaos at bay

Facts are often manufactured, but sense rarely is

R u talking about the creator or the ruling elite on the world of men?

I’m talking about the ruling class endorsing the teachers of religion, none of us is born religious it’s a learned habit.

Let me refrain from insulting your Ignorance…

What is religion??

not everything on ktalk should revolve around your interests or beliefs, it is a collection of people with different perception about life. If any post doesn’t match your interest, the best thing to do is to ignore rather than airing your judgment to people who don’t care about your opinion.

Follow ur own advice. Nikome.

Your scaremongering tactics have to be neutralized, shindwe kabisa

Do u hear yourself. How old r u?

Spiritual commercialization, go ahead insult me.

It may help describe your heart

So ignore this thread genius

Odd how cognitive dissonance works, religion is wrong and defending it doesn’t change it