the river between part 2


The above statement was once recited by the late Rastafarian Bob De Marley. Leadership is a call to solve problem but not to be part or create them. Kenya is growing rapidly and the regime of negative ethnicity is about to kiss its demise.

Waiyaki after he came back to the ridges, made a choice to scrub and erase the rusty coating in the people’s skull via establishing a school. He knew very well to fight oppressors, education was the only way. He exercised the virtue of tolerance and patience, no matter how long it took, he was ready to wait.

It wasn't easy for his journey mostly because of the hatred and rivalry from the academic dwarf kabonyi. He gained favour to the people, many respected him and wherever he passed the salutation lyric was "Halo The Teacher."

Sometimes like any other human being he almost succumbed due to pressure and criticism he went through from kabonyi like when he raised the issue of building lavatories. The old chap countered the idea by lame & barbaric excuses that the "bushes are available." No matter how good idea he raised and how much he was dedicated and committed kabonyi saw him as a good for nothing lad.

The fiction narrative seems true in today’s kameno and makuyu. As we scale the heights of transformation, a few egocentric ogres are working all nights long like witches to put barriers. “Waiyaki” of today has & is trekking east, west, north and south to build the ridge but kabonyi is trembling like a pregnant chameleon, building more prisons and beating drums of anarchy.

 Today's society is facing many obstacles and they're taken hostage by selfish men and women but "Ngai" is still on the throne. He can never enforce life of the innocent in the pangs of ruthless serpents.

Waiyaki is busy and enthusiastic on his course and nothing or no one will kill his dream. He is the saviour and God and the people act as his engine and fuel respectively.

Call me a riffraff but my fellow commoners must learn. The reasons that unite us are more than those that divide us. We need to focus, no more licking wounds of mayhem. We are not fugitives in our motherland. No more turmoil, reverse the hatred tune to rhythm of Love. Our beautiful Nation will never make it if one of the 43 brothers is absent. Our ridge shall only grow if we join hands.

Kabonyi and your family please respect the rule of law and the infants of this mother. Let them speak. Don’t be allergic to change and development. The people are tired of “helping themselves in the bushes they demand lavatories.” Fellow brothers and sisters from “ruguru” it’s now or never, get out from bondage, EMANCIPATE YOURSELVES FROM MENTAL CAPTIVITY/SLAVERY and join the transformation train.

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