The rise and fall of Buru Buru

puru puru was once the place.

Let them eat cake.

More like the rise and fall of Kenya.

The slumification is replicated in many parts of kenya towns, and in virtually all aspects city well being- be it public transport, graffiti, jua cali work, public services etc

Back in the day there was pride in Nairobi. I remember visiting relatives in south b wakati ilikuwa na heshima. Hata kibera, place kama fort Jesus ama Maringo were very organized. Then the chaos set in and we have never looked back.

Nairobi is one big slum…it will take decades to clean up

Tuletee the rise and fall of Dando…

I think that buruburu is a slum

Those years, when Sonko conquered Buruburu with his Rat Race and Brown Sugar matatus.

According to basic Economics principles…there MUST be a slum/shanty beside an affluent neighbourhood coz of many factors to be discussed later

just a few days if everyone was involved. Michuki cleaned a small stretch of the Nairobi river in a few days with just a handful youths. Na ujue Kenya uchafu mingi pia ni organic. Kibarani is another example.

The problem is keeping the place clean. Constant waste collection, disposal, recycling; vitu serikali haijiskii kufanya. Even simple unblocking of drains ni ngumu kwao. Lack of motivation, supervision etc.

Wacha me niiishi huku msituni enjoying trees fresh air and annoying Night Birds…

Nilimaanisha ile mess that we have allowed to flourish in terms of lack of building codes lack of recreational facilities for kids etc…

Buruburu phase 2 house number 89 is where we lived briefly between 1992 to 1995. I was very young but I recall the place being very organised and classy. We moved to nakuru but i went back to the place in 2004 while in college and couldn’t believe my eyes…almost every main house now had an extension…And that’s how the place begun to rot.

Hizo enzi hata akina OJ hazikuwa mbaya sana i remember aloy of open spaces where we used to play…hata zile blocks za huruma na masionetts hazikuwa mbaya

Hata mimi nalia mlolongo. Sijui nini ilinipeleka huko

He he, tukiwa high school there’s a boy who took every opportunity he could find to remind us they lived in Buru. I’d like to meet him now and hear his opinion on this matter.

This is very true

If Sonko is serious about reclaiming Nairobi, I believe those hideous extensions should be amongst the 1st things to go.

With a willing govt. you’d be shocked at how easy it is. Si playground bado ziko kwa map na zinajulikana kule ziko? Building code si zinajulikana bado? Si ati haziko ziko tu! Ni vile ziko flouted. Hadi njia ya sewer lines zinajulikana. Si Raila alibomoa hadi akahamishwa ministry… its all about wlll power.

Some of these grand European cities of today were so filthy at one point in their histories some were almost abandoned completely. Uchafu inaleta panya, panya inakuja na plague inamaliza population nusu. Those filthy mzungus were forced to change or perish completely.

Furthermore those major cities have been destroyed in all manner of calamities from fires to wars like the World Wars or even earthquakes na wanajenga tena with new knowledge a new time around.Moto ikawafanya hadi wakuwe na firefighters na rescue teams.

Sisi hapa ni vile hatuja guzwa na ka earthquake kamoja ama kawinter ama katsunami so we are complacent.

The mzungu knows if he doesn’t clear his drainages or his roads and winter is acoming… or a hurricane is a coming…

Juzi ndio tumeanza ku react juu tumeona mvua ya siku hizi haina mchezo.

Hehehe we always exploited our buru heritage…girls loved buru guys…But the fad started dying from 2000s