The Ring

[ATTACH=full]4793[/ATTACH] Say it is so. Its wise to chose a prison mate carefully n to enter prison when older, say at 35 plus


and how old are you

Yea how old are you?..we can give some advice

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Am ripe:)

ati 35+ :eek: :confused:

i don’t need bicycle advice


my dear…that bike can solve most of your problems, just ask…never mind. But just know it can

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Age is not a factor mababu zetu walikua wanaoana wakiwa barely 18 and they lived happily ever after.

siwesmind kukulamba hata kama wewe Ni milf

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That bike is worthy 450k woman!

35+,so you’re at the horniest phase of your life? :D:D:D

Junk ru ripe

I have no idea what this thread is about…its all over the place. Everyone is just darting @Nameberry1

Nairobi lay wats that lay at the end

it could be you if you play your cards right! :wink:

see, now you got me hitting on you too!

Hii apana taka …imefikicha Menopause:mad:

U prefer 30. 35 is good. Not sumbuas n they allow u to go watch man u/ city Chelsea game till 1.