The return of cowboy contractors

Say goodbye to quality and timely construction projects.

The reality is that local contractors do a shoddy job as most firms are owned by tenderpreneurs.

Nabii’s commitment and dedication to reintroduce Moi like mediocrity continues at hypersonic speeds.



“…tumekubaliana na governor atatoa 500 million, halafu nimuongeze 500 tumalize io project…huyo contractor tulifukuza…”

Engineers wa County Government hukuja hapo na pickups zao mpya double cabin wanasema project iko sawa. Contractor wanajua bei za professionals wote wa serikali, pesa kidogo wanawekwa kwa mfuko

But we now have ‘local’ Chinese! They will just have some local shareholding - but the quality of work will go down since ‘professional’ fees will form bulk of the project costs.