The religion of peace

Radicalisation everywhere, the Makaburi 's are all over. And here in Kenya if the government shuts down only two mosques, the noise they make can be heard from space. [ATTACH=full]8174[/ATTACH]

I was surprised the “peace” people have a TV station airing in kenya by the same name.

They did three attacks yesterday in Tunisia, France and Kuwait
Peace be upon them

Religion of piss

Sasa akirudi France atasaidiaje huyo mtu alikatwa kichwa? Atashona hio kichwa alafu amfufue? The only way to deal with this issue is for France and other western govts to stop funding “moderate” terrorists and interfering in other countries affairs. Just leave these savages to their own devices.

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Wait. Isn’t this the holy month when they take a break from killing? How low Islam has fallen.

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ISIS is too fucked up. They even kill Sunni muslims for not being Sunni enough.

:eek::(. Kwanza in the last week alone they have killed a lot of people.

What is the english term for words that sound alike? like peace, piece and piss?

pia shababi wame up their attacks this holy month, somali hakukaliki. They killed 7 burundians last week and over ran their base near mogadishu


Always remember there is nothing wrong with the doctrine it’s the followers who have a problem.

I guess they are at their most dangerous when they are hungry.

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Where is Mayeks and king Kenny?

all the innocent blood spilled by every goddamn muslim extremist propaganda group does not even equate to half the innocent souls killed by america and her allies in the nem of fighting radicalisation. the banner said ‘our constitution is our saviour from the biblical descrimination’ in america when the supreme court upheld gay rights all over the USA. can we sit back and stay the hell away from western way of life b4 we start shoving dicks into manholes, we have lived side by side peacfully since time imemorial only to be thrown into chaos by the 9/11 shit which we aint even sure if it was real o false dat islamist were involved. fuck da american values fuck the european values lets uphold and cherish our values that worked well for our forefathers

Muslims have killed more of their kind than America ever will. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria,Yemen, Libya, Mali, Somalia etc.

so da fool in u is trying to say its ok to kill other kinds like the americans are doing sio?

No. Idiot. I’m saying you need to research more before coming with baseless innuendos.

its a fact dat the bigest crimes against humanity r instigated by the west, nways www mtoto wa dotcom huwezi ona mbali ya dick yako