The Real Shawshank Redmption!

They just forgot to place back the manhole cover!! How stupid!!

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I don’t know why I don’t want them to get caught, but their order of business once they get out will make it easier for them to get caught. They will want to get hookers and get high


I know…They even had the nerve to leave a sticky note Gai!

They are probably in canada now, the prison is just 25 miles from the border

Hopefully they reform after this

hao watu ni baba yao, kitanda ilivalishwa socks ndio wakiisongesha mtu asiskie

and the sticky note killed it


I don’t want them to get caught. They might not be good people and that’s an understatement. But the story that I want told to posterity is that they kicked Uncle Sam right there, in the gonads, and got away with it. Kabisa.

Assuming they have a plan beyond their prison break, I think most people are secretly rooting for them!

Yeah, until they start wreaking havoc on law abiding civilians.

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Prison Break remake. I feel they had planned everything including where to stay and how to survive or hide after the break. Maybe National Geographic will do a docu on it.

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I hope so…all the manhours they put in!

I hope these guys are not murderers, rapists or pedophiles. The scum of the earth.

They are both killers. They will be found within no time and put in a maximum prison. One of the guys had escaped from another prison and was later picked up in Mexico a while ago.

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5 days na bado hawajashikwa

Labda wachimbe shimo wajifiche.

it takes courage to escape from prison but it takes discipline not to get caught (after the escape) which most criminals lack

11 days on the run. These guys may never be caught

DNA from New York prison escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat has been found inside a burglarized cabin in upstate New York, a law enforcement source told CNN.
The discovery has re-energized the two-week-old search for the convicted killers, who staged a movie scriptworthy escape from Clinton Correctional Facility on June 6 and haven’t been seen since – at least not by authorities.