The real Raila


PM Raila has compromised so much and even backed other candidates. Kikuyus si mlipe deni ya huyu jamaa?

He may benefit you more than your own tribes men or even DP Ruto. Alafu siasa za Raila has never been tribal. He just loves changing the constitution.

:D:D:D:D:D umeanza jokes mapema sana, this guy has always advanced the 41 vs 1 narrative

Kikuyus especially the older ones will never vote for Raila. He is seen as a socialist and he is the officiator of 40 vs 1.

He should approach those he backed and demand payment. Kikuyu as a people wanaingilia wapi?

Pesa za handcheque kwani ziliisha ama ni tamaa ya kukalia kiti?

kikuyu wenye wamesaidiwa na raila ni wewe na mamako …takataka…
Si useme mlisaidiwa na babuon mkiwa na watu yenu!???

Hata mimi nimeshangaa. Unless kuna raila mwingine

Kila mtu ajitafutie kura na auze sera zake


The only Raila you know is the one that was plucked out of Jomo’s arse and given to the dimwits of central to enjoy. The one you love to hate.

the only thing jowie has been fighting and even killing for is his power greed. senile wanker

So you think without this ‘raila’ central would be unredeemable?

Sasa mamangu ameingilia aje kwa hii maneno?

It’s said in Kenya after law changes,the first casualty will be the die hard architects of the changes…

Why is no one saying after passage of BBI its first victim will be Uhuru Kenyatta and their empire?

ni okuyu kama wewe


The wanker is you. Nkt.