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Guys subscribe to Moments with Justus channel for notifications when this premieres. Kuna vile hii channel imenigusa inabidi tuu ni advertise even though Sijui huyu jamaa mwenye channel. Very touching and insight giving guests. Please subscribe and go check on his other videos. I am on YouTube alot but Sijui jamaa hutoa wapi his guests, it’s so moving, it makes you see another side of life that you never thought of. Namuombea tuu subscribe. I think this premieres on Tuesday 8pm. This channel is very real and all attention is on the guest, so they really tell the story well with no interuption. I’m just shocked ati kuna mwanaume anajua what emotional labor is. I found out that women do all emotional labor from a community like this one but very different I think it has people over 50 coz hata ile advice iko huko Yaani it’s just on another level. It helped me a lot with my grief over a death of a loved one by his own hand. Inaitwa meta filter. I will copy paste the emotional labor post from there. So don’t forget to subscribe. I’m advertising for this guy in all my networks akiweza fika a million subscribers he totally deserves it. Moments with Justus.