The Real Issue Black Men have with Serena Williams marrying a white man

This woman’s breakdown is very faulty. This is the first time I have heard that black men have a issue with Serena dating white. For two reasons. First they don’t find her attractive. Same thing they say with Lupita. I have seen on several forums white men say they find Serena very attractive and not someone like Megan the Stallion. Secondly, Serena has dated black men, (Common, Drake) and it didn’t work. I actually think her preference is Black unlike other successful Black women who exclusively prefer white.
Successful black men always find white women for relationships especially if it’s not their first( like they are divorcing). So it’s no surprise Robert F Smith does the same. Micheal Jordan, Kanye West… followed suite. He is a crooked businessman but he paid his dues to black society by financing black colleges. So he gets a big check mark.