The Rational Male

For beta, omega males someni ii…and redpill too, jog your memory[ATTACH=full]249797[/ATTACH]

@KEHEJO hizi Gani ?

Itawasaidia sana

Leta audio 191 pages siwezi soma

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The answer to beta and blue pilled men

Looking at the first few pages of that book, only a guy with an alpha mindset can absorb that. You give that to a beta and he will start running around bleating mysogynist on you.

Omega je?

Niaje Maxwell?

Red pill philosophy is the only way man can win in this gynocentric world , hii kitabu should be given to every young man asome kabla aingie form 1

Wasome hio then wapatie No More Mr Nice Guy and all of a sudden zile red flags that they were ignoring starts making sense.

They should also read the manipulated man by Esther Vilar …men better be careful with women

rollo was good at his points but he dint break everything good as roosh v did a bit i recommend reading game by roosh v

Link buda…