the question of tribalism??

Kenya will be a nicer place when people stop caring about each others tribe.

Hapo hakuna ukabila. Amekuliza kabila tu haja kubagua.

sijasema amebagua, but why should the question precede any conversations. my grandpa was kisii, grand mom Kikuyu, thats my fathers side. My mom is a mix of kikuyu- meru, and as people living in city, i don’t speak any of those languages fluently. how do i answer this question.

Mwambie wewe ni half cast. Besides tribe is a big deal to some people. Hii ni app gani ni safishe macho?

If you need to give an answer just use the paternal tribe. On that basis you belong to the Abagusii tribe. Hii mambo ya kusema I am a kisii-kikuyu-meru-etc etc. Doesn’t cut it. During the 18th century the level of intermarriage in Africa was very high. Sometimes warring communities would steal brides from a different community and forcefully marry them. Lakini hukuwa unaskia watoto wao wakisema ati ooh mum ni mmasaai, Dad ni mkikuyu. They simply identified themselves by the tribe of their fathers.
For example, the greatest warrior in the history of kenya, who happened to be a luo by the name Luanda Magere was once married to a beautiful Nandi girl. And that was in the 17th century. Watoto wake hawangeanza kusema ati ooh I am a Luo-Nandi.

On that basis wewe ni Kisii. If your DNA was taken unaweza jipata ata uko na ancestry ya Oromo. Wacha kujifanya special ati haujui language. Hata kuna waluo pure who dont know dholuo. Wewe ni kisii.

i hate guys who think they are hot pototes juu sijui alizaliwa vyenye mdorobo alikamua mmijikemda. you are still black and ugly

She was not being tribal. Hear me out.

Tribalism is not identifying or even being proud of your ethnic background but rather when you get a superiority complex and act upon it on others from different backgrounds.
However, the way she prodded is unfortunate. Though you never know… labda alikuwa anataka kujua kama mmetoka kijiji same…maybe ata you’re cousins lol

Kila nyani akule kwao

ok, should your tribe really be a concern minutes after you start interacting with some stranger.

Its not about language, its about tabia. Kuna kabila ukiolewa uko utakua unapika ugali drum mzima, na hujazoea ivo.

Hii ni app gani brathe

Why are you uncomfortable answering a question about your ethnicity? What’s the problem with disclosing that you are a kisii?

If you were in an international forum would you find it difficult disclosing your nationality? Ama ungeanza kujibu ati “I am human?” Ambia yeye wewe ni mkisii akitaka kwenda aende. Kwani shida iko wapi?

Would you find it normal, someone stops to say hello, and in the opening remarks “wewe ni kabila gani?” there are less direct ways of asking, if its really necessary to know, and after a few more pleasantries.

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What if that lady had asked how old are you? Would you have answered? Ama ungemjibu ati “I am old enough”.

I won’t mind telling someone my tribe. Yes am a Keiyo from Kalenjin community no big deal. You lost it all because you were overthinking. This is an inner behaviour that shows wewe ni mkabila.

mimi ni dorobo Turkana or Maasai - Luo. Chith wewe ni tribe ya budako

like he will listen
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Cant relate.
I am a Meru but I have an advantage since I know some Kisii. Nikiwa Kisii mi husema mimi ni mkisii to fit with the surrounding. Nikiwa Nairobi mi huji identify kama mmeru.