The Quarry Business Guide

The Quarry Business Guide is now available.

The 31 page guide focuses on small and medium scale stone and ballast quarries both manual and mechanized.

It includes :

  • Overview
  • Quarry land and stone deposits
  • Finding land fit for a quarry
  • Existing quarries and virgin lands
  • Gauging the stone deposits
  • Other consideration in quarry land choice
  • Owner miner pricing models
  • Goodwill fee + loyalty
  • Pay per blast
  • Annual land lease
  • Licensing and regulations
  • Capital and Revenue

Case Study One : Artisanal Quarry : Pay per Blast
Scenario One : Hand dressed
[li]Overview[/li][li]Cost of blasting[/li][li]Production[/li][li]Cost of production[/li][li]Sales[/li][li]Gross margins[/li][/ul]
Scenario Two: Ballast – Manual
Scenario Three : Ballast – Machine ( Hired ) crushed:
[li]Cost of blasting[/li][li]Cost of hiring machine[/li][li]Cost of production[/li][li]Total cost[/li][li]Sales[/li][li]Gross margins[/li][/ul]
Case study two : Medium size machine cut stone quarry

Stone cutting equipment:
[li]Classification by fuel[/li][li]Classification by place of origin[/li][li]Classification by capacity[/li][li]New and second hand[/li][li]Considerations when buying equipment[/li][li]Equipment features, prices and examples[/li][li]Equipment suppliers[/li][/ul]
-Shuffle tractor
-Buying vs hiring equipment
-Site workshop
-Backup generator

  • Renovations / modifications
  • Operational equipment
  • Manpower
  • Capital breakdown
  • Types of stones
  • Revenue Scenario One : Costs and Margins
  • Revenue Scenario Two: Costs and Margins

Case Study Three : Medium size/ partially mechanized quarry
The market
Capital options: Kshs. 50,000 to Kshs. 2M plus
Other observations
Much more

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