The pump and dump yellow yellow movement PDYYM

We recognize that yellow yellows can not be trusted or loyal, they are thieves , murderes and cheating daughters of bitches therefore every man will exhibit the following punishments to any yellow yellow he tries to bed with.

  1. we will use them for sex only no emotional attachment no second rounds no calling after the act sex only.
  2. we will pump as hard and fast as possible until we cum, doggy style is preferred, inject as much sexual pain as humanly possibly.
  3. There will be no foreplay no eating of their cum drenched pussy of hundreds of men no pleasing them in any way only us take pleasure.
    4)you shall distribute the number to your male colleges so that they can impose the punishments too.
  4. we will date darkskins, take smiling photos and put them on our whatsapp statuses so that they can feel the jealousy.

fyi- the average 25 year old yellow has had atleast 50+ partners wewe umekua na wangapi? has taken 100 p2 wewe umelisha wangapi p2?, has stolen from some niga ata ikue fare scam najua ulituma fare na hakuja?, na akona maringo na madharau iknow u hate headaches?

nihayo tu kwa sasa.

Ukichengwa kubali mwambie

'Hata sijaskia vibaya ’

and move on , ghassia

malipo ni hapahapa duniani no ones goes scot free… lazima justice na my dick ndio judge

Accept and move on. We did that eons ago without creating acronyms.

This is on a large scale think world war 3 style the yellow yellow war

As a firm believer of AWALT across all races and color, I do not discriminate based on color or race… I pump and dump irrespective of color, religion, or race

Blue pilled nigga still believing that some women are special and some are bad. All women just follow a certain set of incentives. Go red pill and find out what those are.

A rare mbisha of you and MANKY.

:D:D:D lakini mimi na MANKY are not friends.

Man this is fucking stupid. All women are the fucking same. Whether akuwe mzungu ama mchinese. Stop this bullshit of thinking a woman of a certain color is special.

Hawa ni newbies, they still pedastalize dark-skin mamas with the hope that they are of a different breed… :D:D:D:D