The Problem with Giving Ideas to the Goverment

Mary lamented that although some of the Michuki Rules have helped the sector, she generally saw it creating a problem for her business (personal communication 2010). Her success came in identifying a group of people who wanted to have a different choice of transport 170 experience.

They wanted a quiet ride to work in contrast with the young commuters from Buru Buru who preferred a manyanga that played loud music and videos in the relentless traffic jam.

Thus, first, Michuki mined Mary Mwangi for ideas about her successful business and then worked over time to readjust the transport industry to fit this image. He invested in his own transport company that was a direct rival to the Mwangi’s product. By using government policies to stack the deck in his favor Michuki undermine the very middle class entrepreneur that the Vision 2030 plan and the World Bank claim to be supporting.

Michuki and Mary Mwangi are from the same family

Ya michuki ni gani

Sounds like an excuse.

Doesn’t mean he didn’t tear her a new one. Business rivalry is business rivalry

Michuki alikuwa jambazi sugu. A real Godfather … the Mt.Kenya mafia Boss. Smart n ruthless no fuk.

Na ni nani ali-import hizo seatbelts and speed governors

Michuki’s son