The POTUS vs Korra

I am an addent follower of The Legend of Korra and I’d rewatch it again and again though they introduced KorrAsami, although not disgusting. It’s a girls world you know, and I would still watch it if they were to air Book 5.

Now that I have your attention, how does the POTUS relate to Korra?

At the ending of Book Two: Spirits, Korra gave out and outstanding speech and I quote part of it:

“I’ve realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path,” she says.

Similar words have been echoed by the POTUS at Kasarani, that we should learn from our traditions but we should also forge own path.

Between the POTUS and Korra who copied the other?

Msieke matusi, leo ni Sunday.

was this korra show after obama’s speech? if not the answer is quite obvious right?

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@Chloe ilu for this post

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Chloe, I’ll copy from you and you can copy from me. Tucopiane…

This is one hell of a speech that resonated with audience and one do not need to re-invent a new wheel all the time

Chloe , anyway thanks for mentioning this Legend of Korra thing, I will look it my library read gugu and watch or read it!!

you dont strike me as the kind of person to watch animation like this one chief:

Currently running on Nickelodeon

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Shule zimefungwa tuwatch nicklelodeon.

@highschooler bado anasomea mocks

@4makind If I were you I’d start watching it from Season One aka Book One. It has only four seasons or four books.

@nairobilay Its nothing to do with animations but the storyline behind it.

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i have nothing against animation my dear. I enjoy good anime when i can find it :slight_smile:

Will look for Legend of Korra baadaye and watch it.

kuja nikujibu hio swali nikikukamua

utumie hii


Kumbe am not the only anime lover in the house. avatar last air bender, legend of korra; all watched and re-watched!!