The Politics of Sugar, Milk and Meat.

Is Raila playing politics or he has a point? We all know the major players in the dairy industry, then there is the issue of our capacity to process and export meat products within the region. Our sugar factories are struggling against cheap imports from the Comesa region so it does not make sense flooding the market further. One of the major players in dairy industry has in the recent past acquired one of the milk processing factories in Uganda. Your take talkers.

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aaaaaaw did they put you on “babysitting” shift? :smiley: you the one handling us in the aftermath, huh?


No, care to weigh in on the crucial issue above?

He has a point if you believe that closing our borders to imports will help those industries being run by the Kideros of Kenya. Close the borders, bado itaingia thru. panya routes.

In relation to the sugar industry, only privatization will save the state-owned millers. We cannot continue having our money feeding an insatiable beast, privatize or let them die.
Let the sugar imports come in, as long as they are verified to have been produced in Uganda, not imported from other countries.

Are you taking something …ur mashy mashy …wish you could see a certain vid of Fally Ipupa …Nawa ohh

What about the small issue of Kamwana putting personal business interest ahead of the common good of the country sir?

Are you taking something …ur mushy mushy …wish you could see a certain vid of Fally Ipupa …Nawa ohh

:D:D:D:D all of this would go much better if you let it run its course. When you interupt a process, it usually resets the whole thing and then you find yourself at the beginning of the process every single time. I know its tiring and repetitive to see the same thing all day (sometimes for a few days even), but you have to allow it to happen so you can then move on to the next.

Some processes you can rush, others you must go through if you’re to overcome and live through them.

Don’t deflect. Sit back. Let the fire burn. It’ll run out eventually.

Mumias sugar was privatized way back in 2006.

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I stopped expecting our politicians to put us first kila wakati, ata Nigeria alienda deal ya maziwa. Shida kubwa ni kupata politicians who have nothing to loose

I am not sure I get your point in relation to the issue at hand but isorait.

ok bruh

Why should we continue buying sugar at inflated or higher than normal prices when sugar from halfway across the world still lands here cheaper? At the end of the day I as a consumer want affordable sugar. I don’t owe anyone a livelihood and I’m sure we can find alternative uses for the land currently under sugarcane if we cannot compete.

Whether PORK has put personal business interests above the country’s is a moot point to me. Fact is, Uganda is one of our largest trading partners if not the largest and that fact alone cannot be overlooked. It’s not like we can simply vacate this land to avoid having them as neighbors. Incidentally, our pastoralist brothers just got themselves an alternative market for their meat.


Politicians are also in business just like me and you. For any successful businessperson, you have to invest in both import and exports, this cushions your income against most market tides. Inaitwa kuspread risk.
That said, it is upon you to make your own money, the politicians work is just to maintain a free market state and stability for you to make that mulla. Over to you.


In this case, the government had no choice but give in and allow importation. Uganda is our largest trading partner with most of the trade in Kenya’s favor. So, why would we want to single out the one product that they are capable of exporting competitively. The EAC protocol provides for free flow of goods among the member countries, and sugar is no exception. The fact that our industry is in a mess is no excuse to derail the integration process. In the bigger picture, the industry will be forced to adjust and 40 million Kenyans will get to enjoy cheaper sugar like everyone else.


From what I have gathered, the locally produced sugar in Uganda is not enough for their own consumption so ultimately they import, basically they will be selling us sugar they have not produced locally.

have you ever owned a dairy cow?if you know how much it cost to produce a kg of milk,you would not yap the way you’re yapping.we need a market to sell our milk,as for the cane farmers ,they can also start dairy farming,hakuna mtu amekatazwo

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We can’t say that coz some climates do not support dairy farming. All sectors have to be supported and protected. And thanks for not abusing me in your comment.

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