the pink handles(the talk)

to female perspective, unicorn, lola et al including the new female Talkers…
what was your reaction when you first experienced/saw the dyk?Did it make you run away or u embraced it willingly and enthusiastically?
what reasons did your ‘guy’/friend/husband give to flurry or deluge in your pants?

hii mambo ya kufungua salon usiku na unajua vizuri wamama wanalala imetoka wapi?


All the best if anyone gives her experience… @Purr_27 will be sitting at the fence “sijui akicheka nini”

You could have inboxed @Guru :stuck_out_tongue:

My money is on @Female Perspective giving us a detailed summary of her first experience. But then again, the age old myth of " Is she a She or is she a He" comes to play and for all its worth,it could end up being a SheMale Perspective!..


I thought the phrase “naweka kichwa tu” is like “open sesame” in Ali Baba and forty thieves, only this time it clears the way for fleshy things

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Mimi nataka sana sana kuskia ya purrity…:):);):slight_smile:

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Shemale perspective…:D:D:D:D

pia ya @monicah

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Sijamwona hii area for sometime…ama ako na ball…!

@Ice_Cube pia najua hauwes mind ya @monicah !
I caught you playing the “Fisi” with her as soon as she joined today! hehehehehehehehe!!! kweri rongo?!
Don`t blame you bro. If thats her picture on her avator then …

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you know noble women aint gonna discuss intimate details openly…will always be private … to keep the mysteriousness protected :wink:

hehehehe kumbe I was not covert as I thought, but she is a beautiful one nonetheless,

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Ndiye huyu @monicah .The new girl in town…

how r you mister…@monicah welcome to the village

Sema @Purr_27 ? Umeshindaje lakini? Did your friends make it? Tunangoja picha bado. I wish i had such an active social life like you. Kuzeeka ni kitu mbaya…!!!
Have a peaceful night girl na ile story yetu usifikirie nimesahau. i am learning so much stuff that i never knew. Baadaye!

Aaaaah…once in a while get it out…hata kama ni hekaya it will still be awesome!

ku-flurry ni kali

Yes they did …am fine thank you, baadaye

Can we fuck and settle this score?

Mbisha ya female perspective?