The people to Trump: Rudisha yeye meffi


Just like uncle daktari I hate this gay Drumpfs

Is he her brother?

I rarely wedge into politics za trump land but:

This thing could galvanize and solidify the Democrats. I read somewhere that 70-80% of naturalized immigrants never vote yet they complain bitterly of how immigration policies are changing in America. Their excuse being “siasa ya America itasaidia mimi na nini!” Yet when chain immigration policies are changed they shout the loudest like wamefinywa makende.

On another side I pity most immigrants mainly blacks from Africa who support this fraud, bigot and racist man. He is attacking what defines you guys “A BLOODY FERKIN ALIEN.” Doesn’t matter if you are naturalized or born there. …in their eyes you are an ALIEN and ferkin immigrant. Keep on calling him mzito trump till something changes that defines who you are ndio utajua. I pity you mofos in the name of blacks for trump.

Wait. .wait. …wait hebu angalia hii ghasia
And before weasel tailed monkeys attack the source (CNN) please criticize the content. I like that part where the black old lady attacked the young nigga for putting profits before his values yet these are African Americans,what about GHASIA AFRICANS supporting this bigot. Pity pity pity. Wacha ni pambane na hali yangu Kenya. .
…end of rant. …

Mjamaa wa Saudia, Shabaab wakichapa masonko kwa malls pale Nairobi si mnakuwaga hapa front and center shouting, “Send the Shumari back to their shit hole country?! Throw them back there!!”

Ama sio nyinyi?

Labda sio nyinyi.

His agenda from the beginning was only to protect white Interest. That was his primary function through out his election campaign. How to slow or stop inferior race- spanish/Africans/India e.t.c
For Spanish is through the border wall, for africans is through the green card lottery and finally for India is to stop them through tech companies work permit

I am 100% if kenya goes to the dogs- kalenjin/kikuyu genocide, trump will not help or send troops to stop it kama rwanda.

Recently the talk in Nairobi has been about the Naijas…, "Warudi kwao… they are corrupt… they are drug dealers… they bring fake money… "

Hadi Gathecha personally ali deport Naija kadhaa na Cameroonians.

Haya, then came the Chinamen in Gikomba. “Warudishwe kwao. They are destroying local businesses!”

Hadi Mbunge Njagua akalala ndani juu ya hasira. “Wa TZ wakae kwao!”

Sio @Abba na @kush yule mnono .

Njagua akisema ni sawa ako na point… but Trump akisema vivyo hivyo ni shaitan… :D:D:D

Perfect. Can’t say any more yet you see these immigrant fools liking his ideologies. Pity pity pity

And whose interest was Njagua protecting recently!!!

Wacheni double speak waKenya.

Mnapenda kujifanya holy Joe sana.

Wasomali, Chinamen, Wasomali, WaNaija wasikuje Kenya yenu … but nyinyi mwuitikishwe U.S. :D:D

Trump has a right to speak his mind, just like Jaguar has a right to speak his mind.

Mgisu haukuona memo ya Bingwa. Akisema kila Mtu akule. Hako kashaitan katumwe Siberia.

Trump akisema ni dhambi… lakini nyinyi mko na right ya kusema who can stay and who can’t stay in Kenya.


It’s how he says and does it. Your country US is an immigrant country. Everyone came from somewhere. When you have a leader of the free world whom his grandparents came from Germany in 1800s telling someone to go where they came from isn’t racist! !!

Sipendangi your politics za huko but you guys have set bad and poor example. Usijali hata wewe, one policy will be changed that defines you. I heard that you want to have children. … just let you know that there is a proposal to stop you guys from bringing your parents there who would help you take care of your children as you and your wife/husband are working. You will take your kids to bacteria infected daycare. Guess who’s champion of this Stephen Miller. Endeleeni tu. Wacha ning’ang’ane hapa na Sonko.

Gathecha ajenge wall Somalia border, hio ni sawa, lakini Trump asijenge. Yeye ni shaitan. Sio @Bottoms ?

Kibaki, Gathecha waingie Somalia for almost ten years now… but Trump akiongea kuhusu Venezuela anakuwa shaitan.

You fellows are full of bullshit.

What are you doing in Somalia? Difference ya Somalia na Iraq invasion ni gani?

Can you please remove the logs in your eyes. Today you want Somali Ocean waters because there is oil there!!

But Trump akienda Venezuela hio ni pepo mbaya.

I have never seen an individual on KTALK asking what Kenya wants in Somalia. But you are very quick to point fingers at bad old America.

Ati @patco’s country…
Patco is an Alien US. yeye is just a social security number who needs to ship out to his country from what Trump is stating

Nobody will ever respect a black man if all they do is crying how weak they are. Racism has been there, is there and will always be there. Reality demands that you accept that people like their own kind. Cries all the time implies an appeal to mercy. Appeal to peoples interest, not mercy. I hate to say it, but the idea that whites would want to be a minority is absurd.

Your President Uhuru Kenyatta deported Nigerians to where they came from and even announced it on LIVE TV… I didn’t hear you complaining.

Sikukuskia ukitetea Naija.

When Kibaki rounded Somalis at Kasarani stadium and sent them home, did you complain???!

Uhuru recently shut down Dadaab… did you complain?

Kwanza mlisema hapo ndio terrorist wanatoka.

So wacha double standards please. Remove the huge logs in your eyes first before you point fingers at others.

I read somewhere hako ka big forehead miller wants citizenship revoked for aliens . Currently it’s an uphill task. So he proposed it . I pity the likes of @luoamerican na DUI zake :D:D:D

One policy will be changed by Miller that defines you and I’ll be curious to hear your perspective after

Mko na upuzi sana waKenya. Matiang’i is deporting Russians, Chinese, Bulgarians etc RIGHT NOW. SAA HII !!!

In fact iko kwa gazeti ya leo.

Si upeleke activism yako kwa ofisi ya Matiang’i!! Useme Bulgarians have a right to set up betting sites in Kenya and not pay taxes.

A Chinese young man insults Uhuru
President of Kenya in a recorded video, and is promptly DEPORTED!!

Ilhan Omar and Cortez insult Trump President of America daily… ubaya uwaguze. Jaribu!!

A world full of bullshit and double standards.