The Patriotic BBI.. My proposals

Why did these BBI guys decide to kill the senate and make it look like lower house.
Why is there no consensus to make the senate an upper house with powers to review the legislation passed by the national assembly and at the same time give the senate the powers to approve the appointments of judges, and major government appointments.
At least the senate reflect the face of the country well because tyranny of numbers does not exist.
Another major issue , these guys should have detached the judicial service commission from just being made up of judges. Judges cannot oversight themselves.
Judicial service commission should have been made to have members from maybe judges and magistrates law society of Kenya, representation from the executive, representation from parliament, representation from the religious society and maybe Kenya private sector alliance and workers union because all these are interested in justice. The JSC should have been composed of members from these fields so that they can properly appoint and discipline judges
Why not abolish Nairobi County in totality and convert it to Nairobi National Authority under the governance of national government like Abuja Nigeria and Washington DC US instead of transferring some few functions to national govt from nairobi County
This BBI report is shallow and underwhelming… Hata ningepatiwa one month I could have done much better kwa cyber than those guys
In fact we should have just amended even the current constitution and said the runners up in the presidential election is automatically nominated to be leader of minority in the senate and make senate an upper house. And the leader of majority in the senate should be allowed to sit in cabinet to act as a link between executive and parliament
At the same time we should just have amended the constituon to allow cabinet secretaries to be present in parliament certain days to respond to questions whatever needed
We should have made the Senate and upper house with Power of review of the legislation passed in the national assembly before the president assent them into law because Senate reflects true face of the country and has no tryanny of numbers like national assembly and in charge of vetting major state appointments such as judges or Supreme courts, chief Justice, inspector General of police attorney General etc
For gender Two third rule we should have been courageous and make it not mandatory but something that we work on as country… A progressive project
We should have made sure we strengthen the existing institutions and even think of devolving things like school infrastructure construction for primary and secondary so that national govt deals only with human resource
This country will only be strong and stable based on strong institutions. Allowing one man say like imperial presidency by killing the independence of Judiciary and mutilating police service commission as per the BBI is worst at its best

All should go home from the current MCAs to the President. Changing the forest for the same monkeys won’t change anything.

i dnt support the bbi but i see it’s relevance… i think raila’s plan is to have a capable guy past 2022 who will have control of the state and can flexx his muscles when needed…i think uhuraila know hio bbi si perfect but all he cares about is that the prezzo is not a lame duck …probably himself…

My conclusion this BBI as is is dead on arrival. Even if DP Uncle Ruto supports it in the hope of getting that imperial Presidency will still lead to rejection at the referendum. Wananchi wamekataa kabisa. They still remember Punguza Mzigo referendum bid that was halted by millions paid to MCAs to vote against it. Anything that adds even one more politician will not sell.

The best way forward is what I said after I read it. Implement those small incentives bbi proposals they hoped to use to trick Kenyans to support this “nyoka” bbi. Those require simple laws in parliament and senate. You are being lied to that 35% will go to counties. We are collecting Kshs 1.8 trillion tax. 1 trillion goes to pay debts leaving 800 billion them we borrow another 1 trillion. There are fools here and outside who claim to be working on the financial sector but pretend this is possible. At most counties will get 20% until we implement the digital ITAX and ETR domestically, ports and border points to seal tax evasion loopholes and get more revenue.

The small, small 30% incentives in this nyoka can be implemented now. 30% will be amended on win win agreement in senate and parliament. 30% will be new laws suggestions that MPs and senators will introduce. This process isn’t just about what handcheque team wants. 10% that is the main reason RAT and handcheque team introduced this nyoka require constitution amendments and therefore referendum. That will be rejected and they will sell that nyoka on their own. I will enjoy seeing them climbing that mountain with their bare hands as we poke holes on it with every turn.

We have said it again and again we cannot build the country by burdening the businesses and individuals with TAXES!
Solution is to create conducive environment for businesses to thrive and fight corruption - Period!

That is exactly what we dont want. Moi and Kenyatta flexed their muscles to steal from us and we will never trust another president to flex their muscles. And why does the president need to flex his muscles anyway?


You can amend all the laws and constitution as you like but there is no guarantee RAT will accept defeat and that remains the singular problem with our elections. Remove RAT from the scene to retirement as suddenly some people will not even care who is President.

mimi nachambua aricle by article,hapo kwa PM naona they must pursue that thought all the way to its logicall conclusion otherwise its ambigous.If a PM is appointed and takes instructions from his majority party which is in opposition that means tutaanza kuskia maneneo ya mkeka and being undermined by the president sides,also what stops the president from weakening the opposition by appointing its members to such positions,plus why are they saying president to appoint without parliament vettting,girlfriends will be appointed?

Pia judiciary ombudsman is not a bad idea but it has been drafted in a way the president oversights the judiciary through that position

BBI ni upuss

Its also a high time we recognise some great countries have no constitutions but wanajua 1+1=2 e.g britain.hii katiba ata kama ina upungufu na tupate a good leader we will not realise kuna shida,so our biggets problem is not the law but the people

Wewe unaona hawa watu kwa serikali wako na akili kweli. I forget the clip, but there was a guy who said ordinary Kenyans are taxed at a higher rate than Americans. Wacha hata businesses.

The problem in Kenya is that Raila makes elections to be a life and death issue. Raila needs to retire now. He is adding no value to this great country

BBI is a waste of time. That Bondo conman needs to retire