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The question of who killed Ouko is one of the most enduring mysteries in Kenya’s history. It has almost become like consensus the narrative that Ouko’s death resulted from an implied Executive Order. Most important question is “Motive”. If you suspend for a minute all you think about what happened and read the detailed analysis at URL provided at the bottom. It is a very detailed analysis and it does touch on almost all the nearly 10 motive scenarios. Read the report from top to bottom and seek clarification elsewhere on the web.
Did things really go the way it’s been reported for over 25 years?
Several motives presented are: Ouko is a brilliant politician and that Westerners are rooting for him to become president and everything else funnels out of that. In other words a serious political threat to Moi. There is the Washington Trip, The apparent sacking of Ouko and withdrawal of his security guards, and banishment to Koru home and ultimately his death.
The Washington Trip: There is the tale of Ouko meeting privately with Bush to the exclusion 0f Moi which infuriated Biwott so much he sarcastically called Ouko Mr. President which had it happened would immediately become a death warrant.The detailed Bush Diary which recorded all activities and meetings Bush got was released in 2003 and there is no such a thing on the Diary, and some US Intel guys acknowledged the finding. So if there was no meeting between Ouko and Bush what were Ouko and Biwott feuding about that his lifespan was reduced to one week more in this world? Ouko did give a press conference in the US in his capacity as Minister of Foreign affairs and there were no fusses about it. That particular narrative was fanned by Barrack and another fella who were not on the trip, and the attendees did not report any squabbles between Biwott and Ouko …matter 0f fact Biwott and Ouko were transported together, lived on the same floor in the hotel, and all their observed communication was professional and courteous. Ouko’s journal in fact suggested a very successful trip , and that specifically the standings of President Moi got elevated dramatically during the trip and he was glad.
Actually for Moi I believe he is generally a good guy …of course there will be low jabs here and there in politics as a necessity…I suspect that during his rule most of the disappearances were ordered by those in his private bubble on the premise that they were being
proactive to gain more attention from Moi…so after the evil unfortunately the dirty work of cover up must be done and this is about when the hit men come into the picture if bribery proves ineffective…and those squads they very likely have this “gentleman’s agreement”…in which those teams do what needs to be done and don’t directly brief him for plausible deniability if things go wrong…that is the darkest side of politics…
A careful distinction is needed between implied executive orders and the necessary cover up that usually follows…In other words chances are that the acts committed are in his interest…and the truth is not…or rather the president didn’t actually order the act in most cases his bubble did and of course this is the point at which Biwott automatically comes into play…or at least the masses think that…though that’s not always the case…and in the URL provided you will likely find information you were not expecting and the attendant implications that are begotten…
With Ouko’s murder the key question is the motive. The most important one is the apparent political threat Ouko presented. Now people forget that Ouko was not the only person in the clouds that caused Moi sleepless nights. There were others as well keeping in mind this was the dawn of multiparty politcs. None of those other key figures like Jaramogi Matiba Kibaki et al none of whom were assassinated. Now Matiba had it really rough at Nyayo House but he walked out alive. So there would have to be compelling reason to take him out and for the ones in Ouko’ case two were prominent: Washington Trip and the Molases plant fiasco.
The Kisumu Molasses Plant: This tale is almost exclusively attributed to Marianne- Briner-Mattern and Airaghi. The very important first fact is that Troon never, at least not before his report was presented, read the Molasses File that detailed the whole project… but rather based his analysis on the premise that Marianne and Airaghy sounded like genuine and honest folks!! A closer look will reveal their BAK group was a phony company, that Airaghi was a fugitive wanted in Milan for conman charges when Ouko died. They were gambling on swindling the Kenyan Government at great profit and their first bet was to run with Ouko who was the Minister for Industry and had given Ouko a boost in the 1988 elections. Minimum work was done by BAK at the Molasses Plant as their true goal was to get as much funding as they could get. Unfortunately for them Ouko was transferred to Ministry of Foreign Affairs docket and Dalmas Otieno was given the Ministry of Industry, and is the one who singled out the BAK as fraudsters and they were shut down. Keep in mind the Molasses Project did NOT deal with the Ministry of Energy with Biwott at the helm and that is one of the key points that fells the Molasses theory. Marianne was in fact trying to blackmail Ouko because 50 employees at the Molasses plant were redirected to assist in Ouko’s campaign and the high pressure on Ouko is because of lost money and time that they had invested in Ouko with no benefits in the long run. If anyone was going to be pinned on the Molasses Plant it would be Dalmas Otieno, coz he is the one who chucked the BAK group out of the Molasses fiasco and in fact Airaghi got deported at his behest. The Molasses project was effectively killed by the end of 1988 and didn’t resurface until a company belonging to the Odingas revived the effort in the 2000s. It was suggested that Biwott , Saitoti, and others wanted kickbacks for the project and had their weight behind their 'preferred" company unsuccessfully and Biwott had a grudge with Ouko for that,…when upon closer inspection the person they should have targeted Dalmas Otieno if anything . It turns out there wasn’t really any competition between companies for the tender because all the companies that did the bidding were all subsidiaries of the same company …s0 how do you bribe against yourself? So the Molasses narrative has proven itself to be garbage in the context of Ouko’s murder.
While acknowledging there was a lot of tension because of a row in the Ouko family, Troon didn’t come close to investigating that trail. In fact the single person who was the greatest danger to Ouko was none other than his brother Barrack who became estranged with Ouko around 86f till Ouko died. Barrack was something like a Deputy Commissioner and didn’t like a transfer he was given to the Attorney General’s office since his eyes were on the PC slot and apparently he asked Ouko to assist his cause but he didn’t assist because supposedly Ouko himself had eyes on the PC Spot. Weird stuff. Barrack even campaigned in the 88 election for Ouko’s opponent and Ouko edged out Joab Omino by less than 2000 votes as MP.
Barrack is in fact perhaps the quintessential embodiment of fantastic stories on the murder: The Washingto n Trip fall out saga yet he wasn’t even on the trip. He also claims Ouko wrote names of people who came to take him and passed it to Selina Were to give him Barrack of ALL the people who totally despised Ouko instead of say the wife. Selina Were said that didn’t happen…and if in fact and even if she in fact receive them she would have to be awake suggesting she observed the whole melee…Selina only indicated thee noise and stepping out to see a white car turn to disappear closer to the lower gate… .Its an absurd proposition because the guys who came for Ouko likely did’t give him a chance to compose much or decided to call authorities. Ouko somehow was tricked into getting out and realizing what was transpiring and tried to flee and that’s probably when his Ankle suffered a serious injury. In any event if he already knew that the team was coming for him he would have called authorities or at least prevent them entering without breaking the door and alerting the other sleeping staf…
Jonah Anguka It is speculated that Jonah Anguka was the patsy or fall guy for the murder.He was believed widely and even authored the book “Absolute Power” around 98. Anguka’s wife Susan was Ouko’s personal assistance and it is conceivable he had the notion Ouko slept with her but no concrete proof. Anguka injected himself into the investigation at almost all key points early on and was even at the murder sight in under 2 hours after Ouko’s discovery/. In his book he portrays the image of a hapless victim of state persectution and some of it might even be true. But very significantly Anguka seemed to be around during all relevant times, while being out of reach of being to be considered a suspect. He indicated the mutual brotherly affection but more likely than not it was just a ruse. When Ouko was found an officer had come to break the bad news to Mrs. Ouko and had pulled to the side when Anguka stormed in and straight to her face with callousness that her husband’s body had been found and she fainted in grief… Being the DC of Nakuru why was he virtually every where key discoveries were being made??
Keep in mind Ouko had several affairs some of which might have left in their wake serious venom.There is no solid evidence of any of them, , at least not to Mrs. Ouko… saving for a mistress who bore Ouko’s child and he confessed about it to her.
Take a swipe at the whole of this document and see if everything that was preached as gospel is indeed consistent with actual temporal events .
The conclusion will be for you to make on who you think most probably did it…

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Nice investigative read

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Dont forget that he shot himself on the forehead before breaking his right leg,took off his clothes folding them neatly and set his body on fire…

Here is the URL to the Ouko story. My bad, I think I must have forgotten to paste it

Hahahaha…kibarua kubwa hiyo…anyway the main reason for writing this piece was to have wananchi to read that article below and re-asses or calibrate where applicable their current opinion. …Whoever wrote that piece is a seriously talented analyst.

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And some entities actually believed that deluded account…and to their credit Moi and Saitoti immediately called foul play…of course as others behind the scene were busy hatching an avalanche of misinformation. Again , the cover up by the goverment is not tantamount to culpability per se …but rather the government found the liquidation of Ouko…in their interest juxtaposed against unveiling of the truth which was not as consistent with their interests.,…