The only girl I loved and what happened to her- hekaya

When it comes to girls there is always that ONE. Just like when you are grating a carrot there is always that kasmall piece that remains in your fingers and only two thing can happen to it.

Either you risk it all and continue grating the kasmall piece hoping you don’t grate your fingers in the process or throw it in the mouth and eat. Either way it gets eaten.

Unfortunately, this piece was never eaten. This piece flew out of my fingers while I was in the process of risking it all and ended up under the cabinet.
By the time I was reaching underneath with my hand an opportunistic giant fat rat had already converted it to dinner.

Let me tell you all about this precious carrot piece that evaded me.

She was gorgeous, 5’8", lightskineed with the most beautiful dipples you have ever seen. I met her when I was in second year but we had ran into each other before in first year but I had not worked up the courage to approach her.

You see. This girl was unique. Despite the fact that she was so beautiful and I do mean beautiful, she mostly kept to herself. This was a positive to me.

I saw her a bunch of times very warm and cordially accepting the friendship of people who would be considered “uncool” - the shagmondos type of people. I was smitten.

This was a girl that ticked all the boxes for me. I had to master up the carriage to talk to her. I was to be a gentleman around her if I was to make her mine.
I recall we were leaving the last lecture of the day at around 4pm. I remember spending most of the lecture thinking how I would intiate the conversation. I was so focused on that that I did not notice her 1 row infront of me three seats to my right. Close enough to even hear my thoughts.

I felt a shiver run down my nape. In the back of mind, the thought that she was out of my league threatened to put me down even before I got up. I suppressed that.

The lecture ended quite fast and everybody was headed for the door by the time the lecturer had closed the lid of his laptop. I followed hot on the heels of this girl, lets call her stacy.

There was a feebleness in my knees as I stepped up to her but suprisingly my voice was steady as I made my approach.

“Hey dimples?” I smiled sheepishly.[/SIZE]

She let out a hearty laugh and reached her hand out for a handshake and I took it. “HI Deno?”

“You know my name? At least I don’t have to feel like a stalker now. Your stacy, right?”

“Yeah. How do you know me?”

“Lets say I have been seeing around and I thought how stupid I would feel if I never came up to you and told you that I find you attractive and I would love to go out with you sometime. That time is now.”

By now I was running on pure adrenaline probably relying and reciting words I had heard in some movie somewhere on autopilot. My knees were still weak and I swear I would have fallen over if I attempted to climb a flight of stairs.

“Wow. Are you like this with all the girls.”

“Definately the pretty ones. But there is only one of them and I am talking to her.”

You should have seen the smile on her face. Her dimples had dimples.

That discouraging voice was racking the back of my mind but somehow it was held back by the sheer amount of adrenaline I was running on.

“Hahahaha. I think your cute too. Let me give you my number and we shall see about that date.”

“A date? I should probably ask you to marry me right now too.” I added as I took my phone out.

She smiled and game me a playful punch on the arm. I was in ladies and gentlemen I was in. Confirmation ilikuwa imebakisha tu Supreme Court.

…to be continued
Leo ni Champions League pwana. Forgive any spelling mistakes. I did not proofread and I am typing on the fly.


Game bado karibu an hour. Leta episode 2 teke teke

mbisha ya dimples inside dimples?

Deno bwana maliza yote kabla jkl .

You gassed her up too much with your cheesy lines, if you had not hinted I would still have predicted that you didn’t get the coochie


Master the carriage hatusamehei juu ata hekaya inakaa hukufikisha threshold

hata panty hakunusa ndio amesema. Threshold umempatia mileage sana.

Dennis weka part 2. inaonekana huyu ndio alikuharibu


We were carriage away…
Let number 2 chapchap.

Nilisema nisamehewe spelling…nitasema mara ngapi??:D:D:D:D
Btw huyu ndiye alinitoa ngozi ya kondoo nikabakia na ya fisi…hehehe…
Hekaya namaliza kwanza nione liverpool wakimalizwa kisiasa…


Hekaya Swafe.
Maliza kuona wanaume wakipiga teke ngozi ya ngombe ulete part 2. Twangoja

This nonsense of part 2 ni kama ni bold and the beautiful inafaa kuisha.


Part continued…

The “date”.

This was no later than the next day. It was a thursday evening, and KPCL had decided to pull their infamous stunt. There was no electricity in one half of the campus: the side I was in.

This would not deter me. I literally walked in the dark hands infront just incase I bumped into someone. I would wan’t a swollen lip or face yet I was trying to make a good impression.

Somehow, I made it to her hostel. Here the lights were on including KM for those who know it. She is looking gorgeous. She is wearing a figure hugging pair of jeans, the top tucked in over her flat tummy, her juicy breast pushing against the light material. To complete it all a warm coat and closed brown wedges. It was cold outside.

“You look amazing.” I said as I pulled in for a hug. She was so warm. I felt a bit of a bulge in my pants. Probably my wallet.

“I like your hair. You were not like this yesterday.”

“Yeah. I thought I should clean up a bit. Not that I was trying to impress you or something…” I trailed of as she wrapped her arm around mine.

“This is too easy”, I thought to myself.

By then we had arrived at one of the hotels in KM and we ordered some food: Chapati and proper stew of meat and minji with waru. Yum. She insisted on paying for herself, but being the one who asked her out I offered to pay. I was being a gentleman after all. That set me back 120sh total. Peanuts.

I should also add that team mafisi walikuwa wanavunja shingo and I was feeling on top of the world. The cashier in the hotel was a friend and as I was picking my change he offered a fist bump chini ya maji in acknowledgement of the fyne gel. Macho yake ilikuwa imekuwa safi, he had declared under his breath.

We pulled into a corner of the hotel where we could not be disturbed by other customers and we started talking. Ladies and gentlemen, this where she gave me the bad news.

Remember the giant fat rat that devoured the carrot piece. Yes. That one. There was a giant fat in its mid thirties crunching this fine carrot slice on the low.

A fat, bald, mapua kama exhaust pipe had had his hand on this fine female since form 4. I was laughing physically but my soul was crushed. Here was a girl I thought was perfect for me and she had slipped out of my reach faster than she gotten within it.

We were there for close to 2 hours and I walked her back her room arm in arm again. We hugged for a while and I left. Obviously, a young fisi tried his luck severally after that until I came to the conclusion that I had no chance dipping my chicken neck in that ketchup. That is how I was fully indoctrinated into fisihood. But that is a story for another day.

What happened to her.

There is a reason I was inspired to tell this hekaya. I spotted her in my neighborhood. What are the odds of that?

Unfortunately, despite her beauty she looks as if she has been through hell. She looked frail and weathered in her long mukorino skirt and long plain top. I wouldn’t have recognized her if she hadn’t tripped on a rock and attracted my attention.

I looked straight at her and pretended not to even recognise her despite the clear expression on her face that she recognised me.

I didn’t ignore her because I recented her or because of the way she appeared at the moment. No.

The reason I pretended not to recognise her is because she was a mother now. Believe it. Almost one year into motherhood. The boyfriend had pulled the ktalk classic of putting one in the oven to domesticate a beautiful woman.

That, ladies and gentlemen is what happened to her. I honestly things turn for the better.


Your story is a bit off.

  1. This girl did not do you bad so you can’t blame her. You just came in a bit late. At least she told you early. Most kunguru will eat you alive until the next gullible sumbitch comes along.

  2. You are bitter and a bit fragile. Just because she’s a mother doesn’t make her miserable. Unless…unless she’s now a single mother, which you haven’t stated clearly.

Otherwise…not bad hekaya but men have been through worse.


Izza joh, the first girl nilikatia campus aligeuka kuwa Kunguru… hekaya for another day


I have nothing against her being a mom. I am a young free guy and you know what happens if the guy sees me with her. Basically, I am avoiding interfering in her relationship. We had something and you know that never goes away completely.

Plus, my advice to women is not to be quick in getting kids right after campus before they even secure a job or maybe a way to earn a living. I may be making a superficial deduction but you cannot deny that children are expensive especially in Nairobi.


I would like to know your age because there is a time you said you will marry after you have invested an investment worth 500k a month, kitu kama hio ati hutaki watoto wapate shida. Then you are criticizing this lady ati angepata mtoto after amepata kazi.
Swali ni wale peasants wana win 200m jackpot wangengoja washinde ndio waoe?
Only God has a plan for your life and you control nothing.

Hehe…so nipate mtoto nicheze jackpot ya mpesa nipate pesa ya fees ama?
I am just saying, to give yourself the best chance and your child too at least be financially stable especially in Nairobi.
I am 24 at the moment. By the look of things I will be a father at 27 or 28. I am not looking for conventional employment so I will need to secure my future and my childrens future longterm.

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Then am 28 and when i was your age my thoughts were as yours. I was working and was loaded but sikuweza kujipanga, i later married and had less paying job and i never lacked anything.

Hhmmm comments later

We’re impatient like that. :D:D:D:D Hekaya imeanza vyema.

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