The odd one out...

Good evening, this thread is about waweru, you see I grew up in the village, where anybody knew everyone . Now this guy was my neighbour at home, we grew up together, him and his two brothers and went to the same primary school and when we finished primary school we were circumcised like every other boy in the village.
This is when we discovered waweru was different. While we were busy chasing girls to test our newly minted tools, waweru would not participate in any of those activities preferring instead to read novels and other mundane activities like choirs and other games.
Fast forward to today and 25 years later Waweru is yet to marry or have a girlfriend.
While there are many categories of outliers and odd guys out there, like what we are currently talking about of guys deep throating a vomiting lady yuck… yuck,
kindly share your stories of what you consider odd in the society

Though being the first to comment in your listing is like wanking to your own shadow (Klist 2007-2014),i am typing on a phone so forgive grammatical errors and flow

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A man posting about another man. Do I need to go further?

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Why don’t you do one on animals

sounds like this is a copy paste from previous threads. Worse still its not complete. Wooi=gay.

A salon of queers is open for the night.

Mimi nataka niwekwe Perm *ekeleas miguu juu

Waweru went to the UK, and we know what happened…

he deflowered @Ka-Buda


This particular one is very much around, and Btw that’s his real name

Wachana na Waweru. The guy is living his life the way he likes ma wewe iko hapa na mucene na cucucu mingi hazina maana…
wanaume kama mabinti…bure kabisa

Hii ni zile tales hazina mbele wala nyuma. Yaani haina mwelekeo.

Wacha ka-funda kaamuke utapata matusi lita kumi.

what would waweru write about you? Wooi opened a salon na siku hizi ni mucene 24/7. you are the outlier

Wewe ni wale watu hawashikaji maneno haraka, this is not about waweru at all, it’s about those people, acts that are deemed to different from the majority, like the odd guy who would sit revising till midnight 3 days into the term when you have barely written any notes etc

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Mna ufala :D…luckily ka-buda amelala saa ii

I think its kinda nice to be different. Hii mambo ya kufanya what everyone is doing to fit with the norm, well, is not my cup of tea either.

He might have been straight or gay, but I identify with him. Being different is kinda cool. Following the crowd, marrying coz everyone is, well, that’s just being a slave to the society.

I bet somehow, there was a ka-boy in your “normal” group who wished he could just be


fact is from a given angle you are also odd

Waweru ali kuwa deported after kukamua kabuda dryfry , maybe wawesh ni junkie ama webdev

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