The Numbers Are In And Biden Beats Trump Again

[SIZE=7]Over 1 million more people watched Biden’s inauguration than Trump’s[/SIZE]

[li]Early Nielsen numbers show that Biden’s inauguration got better TV ratings than Trump’s.[/li][li]Biden’s ceremony had almost 40 million viewers — about 4% more than his predecessor.[/li][li]MSNBC and CNN quadrupled and tripled their ratings, respectively, while Fox News’ fell.[/li][li]Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.[/li][/ul]
President Joe Biden’s inauguration secured over 1 million more viewers than former President Donald Trump did, according to early numbers from Nielsen.

Biden’s ceremony drew 39.87 million people across the major networks and cable channels, about a 4% increase from what Trump got in 2017, according to Nielsen.

Trump, notoriously obsessed with ratings, was unable to tweet about the news on Thursday following his permanent suspension from the social network.

Here’s how the inauguration ratings sorted out among the biggest channels:

[li]CNN cleaned up with 9.9 million viewers on average, more than any other outlet[/li][li]ABC averaged 7.66 million[/li][li]NBC News averaged 6.89 million[/li][li]MSNBC 's average rounded up to 6.53 million[/li][li]CBS News came in at 6.07 million viewers on average[/li][li]Fox News came in last with just 2.74 million[/li][/ul]
Over 1 million more people watched Biden’s inauguration than Trump’s (


After pardoning over 70 people on the final day of his presidency, including Lil Wayne and Steve Bannon, Donald Trump added one more at the eleventh hour. Getting in right before noon on Inauguration Day — when Joe Biden would officially be sworn in as president — Trump pardoned the ex-husband of Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro, doing favors for his friends right up until his last minutes in the office.
According to CNN, Jeanine Pirro asked Trump to pardon her ex, who had served a year in prison after being convicted in 2000 on conspiracy and tax evasion charges for writing off $1.2 million of personal expenses as business write-offs. Mid-morning Wednesday, as members of the Trump administration, were transferring their duties to the incoming staff, aides scrambled to have the last minute request completed before Biden officially took office.
But ultimately, the pardon of Pirro, Jr. is yet another example of Trump using the power of the presidency to benefit people close to him or people he feels can be helpful to him politically. Like his pardons of Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Bannon, Trump has an affinity for bailing out people who are as crooked and corrupt as he is. It’s a disgusting use of power, but a wholly unsurprising one coming from a man who is incapable of seeing around his own ego and sense of grandiosity.

At least now, his reign is over, and we can usher in a new era: the Biden administration.

This is getting childish

If you cannot use the powers to pardon your friends, then what good is it?

[SIZE=7]Did Trump and Biden Swap Bodies???[/SIZE]

If you don’t understand this headline, which suggests some Freaky Friday voodoo between President Biden and ex-President Donald Trump, congratulations, you have logic. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t, like the QAnon believers who are still clinging to their conspiracy theories the same way that Donald Trump attempted to cling to the presidency: with nonsensical BS. :D:D:D


But seriously, one of the latest QAnon theories that haven’t yet been proved false, is that Trump is still somehow president… in Biden’s body. :smiley:

“It’s really the only answer that makes sense,” Molly jokes. “It’s just so simple and obvious.”

What isn’t obvious, however, is how the non-QAnon Republicans will move forward with Biden as president, especially Mitch McConnell.

“They have the problem of the distortive, gravitational field that Donald Trump casts over some element of the Republican party and they need to stamp it out. And you know that in his heart of hearts Mitch McConnell wants to do that. He just doesn’t want to leave any fingerprints,” says Conway.

Then, the three pivot Trump. It’s a new era, but it’s impossible to not talk about him. In fact, Molly says Biden has 99 problems, and, yes, Trump is still very much one of them. To start, he left no federal vaccine roll-out plan, and also, to quote Conway, “he’s basically a criminal.”

Bi Zambarau aka Purple is on suicide watch.

She deserves every bit of it… Let patco join her in line… :D:D:D


Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer on Friday made what FOX NEWS calls an unfortunate slip of the tongue as he slammed former President Donald Trump’s conduct related to the Jan 6 Capitol riot. :D:D:D

Schumer was informing senators about the plans for an impeachment trial of the ex-president. The House last week impeached the president for “incitement of insurrection” for his alleged role in encouraging protesters who went on to storm the Capitol.

It was at that point when Schumer made a somewhat phallic flub.


“Make no mistake, there will be a trial and when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the erection… insurrection against the United States,” he said.

Schumer seemed to catch his gaffe and visibly winced. And, perhaps, needless to say, Twitter users rose to the occasion.

“Well, it WAS an uprising!” Bloomberg’s Robert George quipped.



Mitch McConnell accused Joe Biden of taking “several big steps in the wrong direction” on his first day in office, suggesting the new administration should focus on “creating good-paying American jobs, not sacrificing our people’s livelihoods to liberal symbolism.”

Speaking from the Senate floor, the minority leader said the new president should “remember that he does not owe his election to the far left.”

“On the Biden administration’s very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction,” McConnell said, condemning his actions revoking a key pipeline permit, rejoining the environmental agreement and firing a Trump-appointed general counsel to the National Labor Relations Board.

McConnell said: "If and when our Democratic friends depart from common sense, when they retreat from common ground, when their proposals would harm the common good—then we’ll use the power the American people have given us to push for what is right.

“The president can and should refocus his administration on creating good-paying American jobs, not sacrificing our people’s livelihoods to liberal symbolism.”

McConnell also proposed delaying the start of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial to February to give the former president time to prepare his case.


Among the first actions of the Biden administration were executive orders aimed at tackling the COVID-19 crisis, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination in workplaces, schools and other areas. The proposals were widely supported by Democrats and rights groups and enacted key policy pledges from the 2020 campaign that won Biden the largest ever number of votes in a presidential election.



So? Was I quoting you? Learn to myob!

A far-right Arizona conspiracy theorist known as “QAnon Shaman,” who stormed the Capitol in a fur headdress with horns, says he feels “duped” by Trump after the former president didn’t pardon him, his lawyer has said. Jake Angeli, whose real name is Jacob A. Chansley, was arrested and charged earlier this month in connection with the Capitol riots, which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a police officer.

Speaking to local television station KSDK on Thursday, Chansley’s lawyer Al Watkins said that his client had expected to be pardoned by Trump but that he has now realized he’d been “duped.”


“He regrets very, very much having not just been duped by the president, but by being in a position where he allowed that duping to put him in a position to make decisions he should not have made,” Watkins said, according to Law & Crime.

Read more: The right-wing conspiracy theories that fueled the Capitol siege are going to instigate more violence

"As to my client, the guy with the horns and the fur, the meditation, and organic food…I’m telling you that we cannot simply wave a magic wand and label all these people on January 6 the same," he added. :D:D:D

Watkins’ comment about organic food is a reference to a statement made by Chansley’s mother at his first federal court hearing, where she said that her son had refused to eat while in custody because he “gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food.”

It is not known whether Chansley has stopped his hunger strike or not.

Watkins also seemed to blame Trump for what he said were “months of lies” and “misrepresentations” that were “designed to inflame, enrage, and motivate” the mob on January 6, according to Law & Crime.

Trump told his supporters before the deadly events unfolded that “we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you,” with reference made to the Capitol building immediately following those remarks.

“What’s really curious is the reality that our president, as a matter of public record, invited these individuals, as President, to walk down to the Capitol with him,” Watkins said.

“We’re talking about not - not just the guy with the horns and the hair, the tattoos and the bare chest - the Shaman - we’re talking about thousands of people. They felt - they heard - the message to them, from their president, was: ‘we’re going to walk down to the Capitol,’” he added.

Chansley, who is from Phoenix, Arizona, served in the US Navy between 2005 and 2007. Known for wearing red, white, and blue face paint and a horned helmet, the veteran become a notable figure in the QAnon conspiracy-theory movement.

On the day of the Capitol riot, Chansley took photos on the Senate dais and marched around with a megaphone, confronting police officers. The FBI was able to identify him by his distinct tattoos and arrested him three days later.

Angeli told NBC News that he felt he had done nothing wrong in the immediate aftermath of the riots.

“I walked through an open door, dude,” Angeli said, according to NBC News.

Chansey remains in federal custody in Arizona and is being held in a quarantine section of a detention facility. He has been charged with disorderly conduct, violent entry, and illegally being on restricted spaces within the Capitol grounds.

Read the original article on Business Insider

4 years ago after Trump Inauguration…Americans were rightfully worried… :D:D

[SIZE=7]Texas Becomes First State To Sue Biden Administration[/SIZE]

Just two days after President Joe Biden took office, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) announced Friday that he’s suing the Biden administration over its plan to freeze most deportations for the next 100 days, an early signal that some conservative state officials plan on fighting in courtrooms to halt Biden’s agenda.
District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine (L) and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speak … [+]

Paxton’s lawsuit aims to reverse a 100-day deportation moratorium imposed by Biden starting Friday, which pauses removals for most immigrants who entered the United States before November and aren’t deemed national security threats.
Paxton claims the deportation freeze runs afoul of federal law and violates a contract DHS signed with Texas in the final weeks of former President Donald Trump’s term, in which the federal government promised to give the state written warning and 180 days to weigh in before enacting any major changes to immigration policy.

[SIZE=7]Mar-a-Lago is a ‘sad place’ since Trump moved in as members begin quitting: [/SIZE]


“I know that you live actually in this neck of the woods and you have witnessed the big return,” said anchor Alex Witt. “So what happened there and what’s happened since Wednesday? Are supporters camping out outside his property there? Are they lining the streets? What’s it look like?”

“No,” said Leamer who wrote the definitive book on the Mar-a-Lago resort. “What’s fascinating — I’ve talked to a bunch of people the last couple of days. A lot of people have quit Mar-a-Lago. They don’t want their names to be in The Washington Post or The New York Times, and the list of people that have quit, they’ve silently walked out. They don’t want anything to do with Donald Trump. And many of the members, they’re not going there very often, because it’s a very dispirited place. They’re not concerned about politics. It’s a sad place for Trump to be hanging out. It’s not what it was.”

“Does that mean that Trump won’t also get the money that he gets for those private club memberships?” asked Witt. “That’s going to dwindle as well?”

“You know, these people paid up to $200,000 to get in because he was president,” said Leamer. “I don’t think they’re going to pay that anymore. It’s just another measure of how his power has declined and even in Palm Beach, where many people were for him, simply because they wanted lower taxes and they wanted a booming stock market. But they’re walking away from him. Even here, people don’t like him.”




He had a hot mic moment where he admitted he doesn’t know what he’s signing. His handlers told him to “sign anyway.” :smiley:


Really…? :D:D:D

President Biden’s approval rating in his first days in office is higher than Donald Trump ever achieved during his four years as president, two new polls have found.


A Morning Consult tracking poll published Monday found that 56 percent of voters approve of Biden’s job performance, while 34 percent disapprove. At the same early juncture of Trump’s presidency, 46 percent of Americans polled said they approved of his job performance, and the polling high point for his term in office came in March 2017, when his approval rating hit 52 percent.

A second poll, conducted by Hill-HarrisX and also released on Monday, put Biden’s approval rating at 63 percent, while 37 percent said they disapprove of the job he was doing so far. Trump, by contrast, reached an approval rating high of 52 percent in an April 2020 survey by the same pollster.

The kickoff to Biden’s presidential term has been marked by a series of executive orders that have aimed to either correct or overturn policies put in place by executive orders signed by Trump, including rejoining the Paris climate accord, rescinding a ban on transgender troops from serving in the U.S. military and lifting a ban on travel to the U.S. from several Muslim and African countries.

In part, the swift reversal of controversial Trump policies has solidified Biden’s standing with his party. The Morning Consult poll found that 91 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s job performance, compared with just 4 percent of Democrats who disapprove and 5 percent who said they have no opinion. At this same juncture in Trump’s presidency, 83 percent of Republicans said they approved of his job performance.



[SIZE=5]FLASHBACK: Biden Said ‘You Can’t Legislate By Executive Orders Unless You’re A Dictator’[/SIZE]

During a town hall broadcast by ABC News just over a fortnight before the election, Joe Biden was discussing his tax proposals when he declared that in order to see them implemented he would need votes and approval from Congress.

“I have this strange notion. We are a democracy,” Biden sardonically declared, pointing out that “Some of my Republican friends, and some of my Democratic friends occasionally say ‘well if you can’t get the votes, by executive order you’re going to do something’”.
“You can’t do it by executive order, unless you’re a dictator,” Biden declared, adding “We’re a democracy, we need consensus.”[/SIZE]

Fast forward to the first day of Biden’s presidency.

The guy implemented NINETEEN executive actions.

Before the first week of his presidency was over, Biden had signed THIRTY-[S]THREE[/S]SEVEN executive actions.

Despite the apparent fact that Biden doesn’t even know what he’s signing, he has already put pen to paper on more than three times as many orders as the previous four Presidents COMBINED.

In their first weeks Trump signed four, Obama signed five, George W. Bush signed none, and Bill Clinton signed one.

Indeed, no other President has ever signed as many orders as Biden, according to The American Presidency Project at the University of California Santa Barbara.

So, Joe… In your own words, what does that make you?