The nonsense that is marriage counselling

As usual, Kenyans will always ape anything that’s from the west. It’s not surprising that many married people resort to the services of marriage counsellors to salvage their marriages- obviously borrowing a leaf from the west where if a man in the US arrives late than usual, the couple heads to a counsellor for ‘advice’.

So, you’ve got all these backstreet ‘counsellors’ willing to ‘save’ marriages and you have all these soapy radio presenters- the likes of Kageni- waiting to save people’s marriages.

This Philip Kitoto Dude of Daily Nation is also doing roaring business.

It often happens that when a wimp of a man discovers that his wife is cheating, he writes to Kitoto seeking advice or heads to a marriage counsellor seeking help. You must be an idiot if, when you discover your wife is cheating, you resort to third parties to solve your problem. What happened to the golden rule of kicking her out? I wouldn’t even inform her parents……she would be out of my life in one day.

Why do you, as a woman who is battered daily by your husband, wait until he kills you? Do you think a marriage counsellor will save you from an abusive alcoholic?

If a woman rejects who, why do you have to write to Kitoto to seek advice ? F*CK YOU, just move on with your life!

Why would karl marx seek advice from anyone regarding a cheating girlfriend? Where did real men go?

As it is now, we have so many weak men that , frankly, are a shame to manhood. A man, because he is in terms with his feminism(whatever that is) will tolerate all nonsense from his wife and spend a fortune seeking the services of counsellors.

It’s just a shame that when a man is dumped by his girlfriend, he will mourn all over, call the likes of Kageni for solution and even see a counsellor.

If real men got married to real women, all these nonsense would not be there. As it is now, wimps of men are getting married to women with twisted views on feminism and hence the constant visits to marriage counsellors.

If I am married and hear my wife seeking advice from Maina Kageni, that would be her last day in my life.

Married people have become so immature, always washing their dirty linen in public.

And, no, Marriage counsellors(including presenters and pastors) are frauds. In fact, there shouldn’t be any profession like marriage counselling because these counsellors are a farcical waste of time.

If you cannot solve your problems with your spouse, you have no business sticking together.

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True but you have to be in the pan to knw how hot the oil is…

Hii mambo ya feminism ndio inaleta shida kwanza…inafanya wanawake wakue na vichwa ngumu.

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Alafu unapata counselor mwenyewe is a divorcee

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Alafu he advices you to come with ua spouse so tht he can sample her…from thea pastor MWITU anaanza kudandia :mad:

@karl marx
Are you married? Kuuliza Tu? Sometimes you want to fight for the marriage not for you but in the interests of the children and maybe purely out of love.
i wouldn’t blame anybody that is doing anything to save a good relationship lakini i also don’t like how many are increasingly becoming the victims

I totally agree. Third parties most have no intentions of helping you save your marriage. They are in it to milk you dry, or dwy fwy the spouse.

Its such a pain for wife/girlfriend to cheat on you…There is no point sticking in it. I would hate to know that i am making someones else’s life miserable. When its cheating, just give yourself a full day ya kureflect na kurant kwa net. Go to your favourite joint and drink yourself silly, get some attractive escort, go home use the armour and enjoy yourself. Alafu jiambie you are a free man na the escorts is much better because she was honest with you.

Now go look for that regular woman who is always sending signals and who really wants you but humtakangi because you had/were-running-after the princess. There must be that one or two or three who always want you even when you lenga like they are biological retards because you thought mwenye uko naye ni the ultimate partner. And men, if a woman wants kutreatiwa without first meriting it, achana na yeye. Akipata mwingine anaitikia kumtraeat lavishly mapema atakuacha akaonje huyo, na next, na next, na next, na huyo mwingine…na atapata sababu we are in a society of many people and its not a crime for a man to admire and ask your girl/want your man because hakuna mahali watu wamewekwa ati utaenda kuchukua wako na logbook yake. every body belongs to someone especially if you are above 24 and past school. Now you have a mutant in you hands.

Kama kuna watoto nyumbani you still have have to separate, kwani hukuwa umehesabu risks?

For women, just leave…very difficult for women…not their fault…but just leave. Na muache kukimbizana na men wenye wanafikiria abt clubbing weekend peke yake. Na alafu mjue wanaume husota sometimes… ni kama wewe tu ata kama unataka kuimagine yeye ni ceasar.


Singles happily commenting how they will dump wives the second they find them unfaithful. Wait till reality hits then u understand why some men go mad do stuff no one could imagine instead of leaving…

wise words.