the nonsense called life

Copy pasted from Kenyagen:

Here’s why geeks find their match in philosophers.

Geeky Boy: Ah, Mr. Philosopher. I’ve been thinking about this universe, and all it entails, and I’ve been meaning to ask: what does it all mean?

Philosopher: It doesn’t mean anything. It is all nonsense.

Geeky Boy: Uh, I beg to differ. There must be some ultimate meaning to everything… somewhere.

Philosopher: Actually, there’s nothing that necessitates an ultimate meaning, anywhere. Everything infallibly evaluates to a beautifully packaged load of nonsense.

Geeky Boy: Perhaps things lose meaning when looked at from a tertiary, abstract perspective. But at the physical, raw, mechanical level… things do have meanings.

Philosopher: Any meaning so observed is but an illusion. A sort of arbitral value created by the human mind for its own psychological needs. But in reality, even the observed mechanical working of things is utter nonsense. It doesn’t mean anything.

Geeky Boy: But if the mind perceives value, however arbitrary, and proceeds to use this perceived value for its own psychological needs, then this value must be real… and not entirely nonsense.

Philosopher: Wrong. The mind itself is sheer nonsense; and every creation from it is itself just a refined form of nonsense; and hence, any ultimate utility proceeding from the nonsensical creation is but a sophisticated perhaps even exotic formulation of nonsense.

Geeky Boy: Yet, a casual look at the cosmos reveals a universal law: that in the absence of intelligence, entropy occurs to all natural systems. But intelligence, and specifically consciousness, deliberately reverses the process of entropy, creating organization and structure over time. This can’t all be nonsense.

Philosopher: Yet it is. Any organization or structure created by consciousness only ekes out and counter-balances a minute fraction of all the entropy surrounding it. The overall impact is almost insignificant at a local scale, and quite certainly insignificant at a cosmic scale. It is Nonsense. With a capital N.

Geeky Boy: So you don’t appreciate the mystery and complexity exhibited in the vast dimensions of the universe?

Philosopher: I do. But I don’t try to extract meaning from it all.

Geeky Boy: Because it’s all nonsense.

Philosopher: Precisely.

Geeky Boy: Right from the Big Bang.

Philosopher: Right. The Big Bang was but the initiation of the biggest collection of nonsense ever - the entire, nonsensical universe. Billions upon billions of nonsensical stellar systems.

Geeky Boy: But, at least on one planet, life evolved.

Philosopher: And with it, nonsense attained autonomy. It could self-propagate, without relying only on the whims of the inanimate, nonsensical nature around.

Geeky Boy: Sexual reproduction also developed, down the evolutionary pathway.

Philosopher: Ah yes: nonsense somehow speciated into a binary dichotomy. So now propagation became generational, and subject to members of one side of the dichotomy interacting with the members of the other side. Sheer, unmitigated nonsense.

Geeky Boy: But through this sexual reproduction, nature seems to have stumbled onto a natural heuristic for bettering the organisms per species, over time. Natural selection, in other words.

Philosopher: Natural selection is just but a way of packaging nonsense and legitimizing it. This natural heuristic, as you refer to it, has no ultimate goal, and only keeps running due to the sheer, overwhelming force of nonsense behind it.

Geeky Boy: And now, at the apex of the evolutionary tree, there is you and me.

Philosopher: Yeah. Two lumps of congealed nonsense. Having a nonsensical conversation.

A long pause.

Geeky Boy: You are very depressing, I must say.

Philosopher: And you are full of nonsense.


They are talking nonsense and you posted nonsense! all nonsensical!

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Nonsense. Sheer nonsense with a capital N

You are a philosopher right?

I’m a geek

They said you are funny but it isn’t reflected here in this… eeer… Nonsense.

Was this supposed to be funny. Its all nonsense

Nonsense HOYA alert.

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Wasted my first 20 seconds of my life ninja…


nonsense is an understatement.

they smile and blink…and realize they are nonsense.

it is all balderdash