The Ngotho Family

Kumbe it was not humor of some sort. Hii familia iko na maneno. Enyewe 'All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ — Leo Tolstoy


Although that article says a lot of things that are next to saying nothing.

That “journalist” is just clutching at straws…ati kijana alijiua juu babake alikataa kumnunulia PS…what nonsense.
If this woman died at 46, then she was around 21 when her brother died in 1997. That means the keypee who allegedly authored that obituary was too young to understand anything concerning these wrangles, except what his mother and other sisters drilled into his head.

The writer who penned this article is a stupid moron. It’s like he/she was writing a composition for std 5 kids. We haven’t been told the real issues involving the conflict in that family.

Pewa like for quoting Tolstoy’s opening of Anna Karenina

Don’t blame the writer, blame kenyans who like fitina alot. The editor ran the writer out of town to Machakos and warned him not to come back unless he has moshene to publish.

Si hata angetafuta neighbors wa hapo karibu ajaribu kutafuta some moshene from them about the feuds in that family bana! I am sure angetoka na some in-depth article with some truths and half-truths. These half-baked modern journalists are a big disappointment.

Very wordy article but has said nothing. Classic click bait.
The family wamesema they just wanted to put some humour in the orbituary. When it back fired they tried to sanitize themselves by printing a positive eulogy.

journalist wa Nation gazeti ameniudhi mbaya , a whole page story with nothing about the feud only a paragraph at the end