The new Messey Furgason 35

The Mf 35 is sold by FMD East Africa in Kenya… Can this tractor do ploughing for (2 acres) in the Kenyan hard soil? Manufuctured in India by Tafe. Tafe is licensed by Messey Furgason which is under the AGCO tractors umbrella.[ATTACH]374326[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]374326[/ATTACH]

Virgin land. Nope
Obviously it uses a 2 disc plough It can do 2 but not for commercial purposes

Nunua tractor kubwa 75hp iko na faida mingi at least hailemewi na kazi

Una nunua wapi…nipe coordinates

75 HP sounds underpowered. My bike produces 85 HP!

I was surprised the tractor model was manufactured between 1956 - 1964, and then revived only recently.

Hii John Deere ni 75HP. HP za tinga si kama za motorbike.

It’s all about torque here bro.

The horse power is converted into torque instead of speed.


I need something I can manage incase of a breakdown. Will be used for hauling building materials through muddy roads and doing water bowser…,


FMD East Africa in Nakuru… FMD | Panafrican Equipment Group

the torque figures are massive. total energy production is high.

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John Deere have limited the repairability of their tractors unless you go to an authorised dealer who will charge you an arm and a leg. People are having to flash hacked firmware from Ukraine to enable self repair. Avoid.
John Deere Promised Farmers It Would Make Tractors Easy to Repair. It Lied.

It’s not about how loud a fart is, it’s about the smell potency

hako kamguu kakonde kamsave cost ya real rear tire by how much


Niliona a documentary from US wakulima wakilia vile Johndeer inawadinya parts and software. The dealers are expensive and they dont want farmers or other garages to fix the machines. Naona the old machine are on demand than the newer ones

ee inaeza. Provided you don’t push it too much. Don’t expect it to perform like a 75hp tractor. Inua plough machine ikinyongwa and give it cooling breaks. you’ll have to be much firmer on the steering juu machine itateleza. While you are at it, check the Eichers too. They sold their production rights to TAFE but it used to be a hardy machine.